Batman Begins, Megacity, Krypto, Alien vs. Predator: Comic Reel Wrap for August 12


Guess what? More set reports from Chicago? Aw, you always guess right ... the gang at Superhero Hype is back on track with a confusing bit about Jim Gordon driving the Batmobile and photos of Bruce Wayne's Bentley and some challenged Gotham City Police Department vehicles, as well as a tip for potential spies: "ever let them see your cameras, because then they will get suspicious,the security guards are kool (sic), but the guys in the construction outfits, think they own the streets."

Finally, the Suburban Chicago News reports that "the movie known to be the fifth installment in the Batman series is set for location shooting on the north end of the Amstutz Expressway this weekend. According to a schedule released by the city Tuesday, Warner Bros. film crews will begin preparation work on the Amstutz at 7 a.m. Saturday, requiring closure of the roadway from Grand Avenue to Greenwood Avenue until approximately 9 p.m. The Amstutz will then be closed at the following times to allow shooting of chase scenes along that 1.5-mile stretch of the roadway: Sunday from 8 a.m. until Monday at approximately 7 a.m.; Monday from 6 p.m. until Tuesday at approximately 7 a.m.; and Tuesday from 6 p.m. until Wednesday at approximately 7 a.m. According to the producers, filming will include the use of a helicopter that will hover between Grand and Greenwood, during what will likely be a chase scene involving the Batmobile. Lights are also slated to be installed along the route."


According to Comingsoon.net, Hollywood wunderkind Joss Whedon is anxious to take his new comics gig to the big screen. "Whedon says that nothing has been offered to him for 'X3,' but if offered, he would LOVE to do the third film (hint, hint Fox!)."


According to Superman-V.com the working title for the new film (as the working title for "Batman Begins" is still listed as "The Intimidation Game" on lots of their signage) is "Unbelievable." Producers are confirmed as Jon Peters and Gilbert Adler. They also allege that "X2" vet Guy Dyas has joined the project as the new production designer, replacing Owen Paterson, who along with costume designer Kym Barrett have left the project, as Dyas himself told them "I can, however, tell you that I have come on board as the new production designer for 'Superman.'" Their source notes "the Superman operation will arrive in Sydney (Fox Studios) later this year. Bryan Singer has been given a two picture deal (Superman and Logan's Run), both of which will be shot in Sydney. Singer and Guy Dyas will initiate concept work, etc, on Logan's Run during the Superman production, again in Sydney. We've been informed that Singer and Dyas are eyeing some top designers and artists to create the look of both films. No word on the (Superman) concept design schedule, but we're sure they'll start this soon. Our source also tells us that Guy Dyas will be flying down to Sydney in the next few weeks. There's a rumor that some shooting will be done in Vancouver, Canada."

In other news, IGN's FilmForce claims that "he script pages now being used to audition actors for the title role in director Bryan Singer's forthcoming Superman movie are not from either J.J. Abrams' old draft or from the new script being penned by Dan Harris and Michael Dougherty. Instead, the casting directors auditioning contenders for the next Man of Steel are using scenes from 1978's 'Superman: The Movie.' The eight-page "sides" we were able to see include three scenes from Richard Donner's film. Two are 'Clark Kent' scenes while the last one is a 'Superman' one. The first is the scene when Clark Kent meets Perry White and Lois Lane on his first day of work at The Daily Planet. The second scene is later that day when Clark and Lois are exiting the Planet and he uses the word 'swell.' The last scene is the interview between Lois Lane and Superman in her penthouse apartment. It ends right before he takes her on their nighttime flight over Metropolis.


An update at the Internet Movie Database indicates that Christophe Beck ("Little Black Book," "Bring It On") will be handling the scoring duties for the Jennifer Garner-fueled action flick.


Comics Continuum has an update on the Dog of Steel's upcoming animated series. Still to be officially named, this joint venture between Warner Bros. Television Group and Cartoon Network will mark both companies' first major production foray into the preschool market and will differentiate from other media properties by its primary emphasis on developing, nurturing and valuing a child's sense of humor. Here's how the network describes Krypto: 'Krypto follows the adventures of Superman's faithful canine companion when he lands in Metropolis after being jettisoned as a test-pilot puppy aboard a rocket ship made by Superman's father, Jor-El. He immediately becomes friends with a lonely boy named Kevin Whitney. Armed with a wide array of superpowers, Krypto, along with Kevin, fight forces of evil that threaten the well-being of both people and animals in Metropolis.' Sam Vincent is providing Krypto's voice, and Alberto Ghisi is providing Kevin's voice."


New Quicktime looks at the fight scenes are available at Apple's website.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Devil's Due comic series was discovered at last month's San Diego Comic-Con by producer Daniel Alter, who optioned the property and brought on "Alien" screenwriter Ronald Shusett to adapt. "It's basically 'Aliens' meets 'Minority Report,'" Alter advised the trade.


The team at Kryptonsite has posted more new promotional photos from the upcoming season, plus freshly confirmed spoilers about a DCU hero coming to town in an incarnation that should be a surprise to many, including alleged sample dialogue snippets.


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