Batman Begins Gets Roasted In New Honest Trailer


"The LEGO Batman Movie" may heralded as the best interpretation of Batman by some fans, but the gang over at Screen Junkies believes "Batman Begins" claims that top spot. In their latest "Honest Trailer" Batman is roasted for all of the film's faults -- and praised for what it got right. "Batman Begins" was released when audiences hadn't been inundated with origins stories, superhero movies, or even the unnecessary need to keep everything based on realism. When it first graced theaters, fans and casual moviegoers were set up for a brilliant film. Screen Junkies points this out in their recent honest trailer.

Aside from the third act (again pointed out in the video), "Batman Begins" set the stage for all impending DC related live-action films. While the Honest Trailer does deliver on some elegant roasts of Batman, it reminds one of how they treated the honest trailer for "Empire Strikes Back": less scathing criticism and more praise.

That's not to say they didn't get in a few deserved jabs at the film. Most notably, the film feels a constant need to repeat dialogue from previous points in the film. For example, the scene where Bruce saves Rachel at the train station and spouts the same line she told him previously. That's just further proof of Bruce not being good at the whole secret identity thing. One of the best moments is the list of actual crimes Bruce commits in the movie -- a list that may prove he is the real villain of the film.

Screen Junkies has done several Honest Trailers nailing many movies, including such favorites as "John Wick," "Suicide Squad," and "Batman: The Killing Joke."

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