Batman Begins, Hellboy, Green Hornet, Smallville: March 10th Comic Reel Wrap


Dark Horizons has new rumors about Christian Bale's Bat-suit. Their spy writes in, ""I have two reports this time, first is that the first Batsuit stock arrived at Shepperton Studios from Lindy Hemming's Hampshire studio yesterday. Four big security dudes unloaded a large crate from the truck and quickly disappeared into the Batman Wardrobe dept (still signposted 'Intimidation Game' btw). A worker in the know this afternoon told me that the suit looks unusual but it's very confusing because they have the hero and stunt versions and the pieces were covered in plastic and labels, they haven't been assembled yet. The inner bodysuit is definitely dark grey but leather and used looking, not shiny like in the last movies but a material that looks like a second skin. The chest area features a large black bat emblem that doesn't look like the one from the movies or the comics but looks very cool, he said everyone cheered when the packing materials were removed from the crate and the emblem was the first thing they saw at the top and obviously packed that way deliberately by Lindy. All the other pieces are dark grey/granite but so dark its almost black. The cowl looks small and may stretch to fit the wearer, complete with longish ears. It looks like there is a an extra piece that covers the chin area but couldn't confirm as it was being held in a costume person's hand when he saw it. Unfortunately he couldn't see the cape or belt clearly. Overall he said they are going for the Spiderman/Daredevil look where Batman looks like a more agile human being rather than a guy in a bulky muscle suit. He said that the stunt suit is being fitted to one of Bale's doubles this afternoon and they will be 'testing it', how they are going to test it is anyones guess. Another five hero suits and ten stunt suits will arrive next week."

Dark Horizons also featured a spoilerish set report from Iceland.

Meanwhile, Batman-on-Film notes a casting rumor: "BOF has heard that Dent might make a cameo in the film (as he is only mentioned in the script I read) and that Guy Pearce might take the gig. Could the 'Finch' character be nothing more than a ruse, while Pearce goes uncredited as Harvey Dent in the film?"


FHM has an interesting interview with Ron Perlman over a game of billiards, while he was in costume. It doesn't reveal much in terms of the story, but in the inimitable style of the publication it entertains.

As well, Superhero Hype has a new six page gallery of images from the film.


Hero Realm features an interview with Kevin Smith where he implies he's going to take it easy with this project. "I hired a great A.D. (Assistant Director) and a great 2nd A.D. because the 2nd unit apparently is really important on these movies," Smith said. "It was a big secret. They were like 'Kevin, you won't direct everything. You'll have a second unit director who will do a lot of the big action stuff.' I said 'Get the f**k out of here! Does anyone know about this? Is this legit?' They're like 'Totally!' I was like 'Bryan Singer did that on the 'X-Men 2' movie?' They were like 'Bryan Singer barely shot that movie.' Who knows if they were lying or not but I was like 'Get out of here! Really?' Because that, to me, means I can spend a lot more time at home. Somebody's off making a movie and I get credit for it later. So I surround myself with people who really know how to pull that sh*t off. We'll get a great effects house to do CG stuff. We'll have a pretty cool movie."


Kryptonsite has a new gallery of images from the episode "Hereafter," which ran a few weeks ago.


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