Batman Begins, Hawaiian Dick, Spider-Man 2, more: April 22nd Comic Reel Wrap


"The Losers" artist Jock dropped CBR News a line detailing some of his involvement with the new Chris Nolan-helmed Bat flick. Apparently, Jock is working from his home studio in England on "style sheets" that Nolan and Bale will be shown to give them a better taste of a comic book style. Also, Superhero Hype notes that the Hilton Chicago's helipad will be used "to reload a mini-helicopter to fly over the river and around lower Wacker for the film and some shots of different buildings."


Creator B. Clay Moore wrote in to point out a Hollywood Reporter article which talks about New Line Cinema picking up his Image Comics property "Hawaiian Dick" with "Walking Tall" comic relief Johnny Knoxville as the lead character. Moore also spoke with CBR News Wednesday afternoon about the deal.


Superhero Hype also has a scan of a new image of the good Doctor and your friendly neighborhood web-swinger from the summer blockbuster.


Long live the Chloe Chronicles. Mediasharx has an interview with Allison Mack, who's excited about developments for her character. "DC bought my character," Mack said. "They bought me -- which is kind of neat. My character has never been done before [SMALLVILLE]. I'm the original. So anybody who does Chloe after me-I'm the prototype." The article goes on to say producers Al Gough and Miles Milar mentioned that DC's interest in Chloe may have saved her from a dire fate. Mack also lets out a fairly big spoiler about Lana Lang. Plus the actress' unofficial site has a much more fan specific interview, discussing who she thinks is a good kisser and so on. In other news, Kryptonsite has screen captures for the trailer to next week's episode, "Memoria." Finally, the WB has posted the first installment of the Chloe Chronicles for non AOL users, and the second is now available on AOL.


Latino Review has what appears to be the first script review for the John Singleton-helmed Marvel adaptation. Allegedly, singer/actor Tyrese is Singleton's favorite to be the hero-for-hire. The review seems mostly positive, saying, "Off the bat I want to say that this script was entertaining and funny as hell to read. I never read a script like this one. It is written in a very hip-hop kind of style. For example there is description like AN ARMY OF GANGSTAZ pull out their guns, or another example like BOOYAH! HE BUSTS BIG SEYMOUR IN THE HEAD WITH A FLYING ELBOW! Yeah there is a lot of that. Also since this is a comic book movie there are a lot of slugs like BAM! WAPOW! WOOOSH! SMASH! CRAAAASH! CRRRUNCHH! My personal favorite slug: when the bad guys pull out their guns together: CLACK-CLACK-CLACKITY-CLACK!" Thanks to Rowlf for pointing that out to us.


Hollywood North Report has a large collection of new rumors, including a source telling them that Tim Story's Richards family adventure will film in two Canadian cities, with Vancouver being a lock. They have a rumor that "Ghost Rider" is headed to the city as well, which contradicts some earlier reports of Nicolas Cage's shooting schedule not having room for it. Finally, they say "multiple sources have told us that there is a good chance Ben Affleck will appear briefly as Daredevil or Matt Murdock in the upcoming 'Elektra' spin-off staring Jennifer Garner."


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