Batman Begins, Ghost Rider, Superman: May 28th Comic Reel Wrap


Batman-on-Film has photos from the Chicago set, as well as a spy report. "My son and I just returned from downtown Chicago where a crew was filming visual effects shots for 'Batman Begins.' We got there just after 8:00 p.m. and found that LaSalle Street was blocked by police barricades between Lake Street and Randolph. We first encountered a maintenance man standing out in front of one of the buildings and questioned him as to whether he knew if it was 'Batman Begins.' He responded that it was '...a film crew from Paris (?) or something...' and that the name of the film was 'Intimidation or something....' I took a picture of the crew and then approached one of the crew members. I asked him if they were filming 'Batman' and he reluctantly responded: 'Good guess...yeah, but we're just doing the visual effects shots for the next few days.' He went on to explain that they had two still cameras mounted to a platform on the crane and that these cameras were taking continual still shots that would later be stitched together for one continuous shot. I asked if Bale as Batman would be added into the shots later and he said yes. He then said that they would be back in the summer with some of the actors for a few weeks. I then asked how the film was going and he said things were going well back in England (where he was from) and that they have been filming on some 'gigantic sets...' I joked that after the last two films that this one had better be good and he responded something to the effect of: '...I don't think you're going to have to worry about that as this one looks to be very good....' I asked as to when we might see a trailer and he said he didn't know but thought that it might be later on in the summer."


Marvel's Kevin Feige talked to Wizard Magazine, saying that "Mark Steven Johnson has turned in the best Ghost Rider story, script, comic or otherwise that we've ever read. The studio fell in love with it and immediately opened up a production office, and he's scouting locations as we speak."


The official site has a new Flash intro and the trailer posted for your review.


Wizard Magazine also talked to director Tim Story, who admitted that the feature film will draw its inspiration more from the new Ultimate Fantastic Four title than from the traditional comic book series. He also insisted that reports of the comedy aspect of the film have been overblown: "I know immediately people look at my resume and think we're trying to make a sitcom here and we're not. ... I've got such a great team around me that I get to focus on what I was chosen for, which is characters, and meshing those characters inside the action."

Meanwhile, Latino Review claims that "Blue Crush" surfer girl Kate Bosworth is in the running for the role of Sue Storm.


Comics Continuum has a set of quotes from producer Rich Fogel, discussing the upcoming season finale, "Starcrossed." "This is a huge story that centers on Hawkgirl and the conflicts that arise when her fellow Thanagarians arrive here on Earth," Fogel said. "We knew we were going to do this story from the very beginning, but we didn't want anyone to know what we were planning for Hawkgirl. In fact, when I was writing about her in the initial series bible, I had to fabricate a false cover story for her origin. This is because we knew that the bible would be used in publicity and marketing for the series, and we didn't want the truth to get out too early. It felt like a real cloak-and-dagger spy operation! opped clues and red herrings here and there, but we always knew where we were going. Hawkgirl soon became a fan favorite, thanks in large part to Maria Canals' outstanding vocal performance. From the very first audition, Maria came in and just nailed the character. Her range made Hawkgirl so easy to write because she could be tough and yet still be sympathetic and vulnerable. And her attacking hawk cry was always a high point of the recording sessions."


Teen Hollywood claims that Jake Gyllenhaal has already nabbed the role of the Man of Tomorrow.


Mike Mignola has been confirmed to attend this year's San Diego Comicon, celebrating the 10th anniversary of his demonic comic hero.


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