Batman Begins, Fantastic Four, Teen Titans, Smallville: November 1 Comic Reel Wrap


Liam Neeson was interviewed by Comingsoon.net, and the actor briefly mentioned his role in the pending Christopher Nolan-helmed DC adaptation. "A little over a month later, Neeson appears in Christopher Nolan's highly anticipated Batman Begins, playing Ducard, a mentor to Bruce Wayne. 'I teach him a few skills,' he said with a sly smile, not wanting to give too much away. This won't be Neeson's first encounter with superhero films, having starred in Sam Raimi's first superhero movie 'Darkman.' Neeson wasn't too surprised by the success of the director's Spider-Man movie, because he thought that 'Darkman' was almost a 'shot for shot' template for it."


Originally JoBlo.com had footage from a promo reel showing the FF in action, but Fox yelled at them and now it's gone. Well, sort of ... Moviehole hung on to a few still images including a look at Doom and a stretchy Reed Richards.

Plus, the "Thing Walking Across The Street" shot has been blown up and showed up in People magazine, which the team at Superhero Hype were kind enough to scan for us all.


Comics Continuum has a casting update for the hit Cartoon Network series. They report that actor Freddy Rodriguez will be playing the twin characters Mas Y Menos on a two part episode called "Titans East." He'll be joined by "in Living Color" veteran T'Keyah Crystal Kemah as Bumblebee and Wil Wheaton as Aqualad. The episode features the final clash with Brother Blood, who is voiced by John DiMaggio. "He's a remarkably talented, versatile voice actor," said voice director Andrea Romano. "He's Bender on 'Futurama.' He's also a villain (Dr. Drakken) on 'Kim Possible,' but he's doing a completely different voice for us. He's terrific. I'm crazy about him."


Devoted to Smallville has two saucy new images from upcoming episode "Spell."


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