Batman Begins, Fantastic Four, Smallville, Sin City: May 23rd Comic Reel Wrap


You can take another look at Christian Bale in full Bat-regalia over at Superhero Hype, or you could take a QuickTime tour of the Batcave at IGN's FilmForce, or wait until June 14th to check out a special on the film on Sci Fi Channel.


Superhero Hype also has a photo of a new poster popping up in theatres around the country.


Actors John Glover and Michael Rosenbaum talked to Cult Times about some of their interaction during the episode "Forever." "What I do with Michael [Rosenbaum] is we work on the yin and the yang of our relationship," Glover said, "and in this episode there was just a beautiful, easy kind of quality that I think we found once Jensen and Jane had gone away. That is the thing that comes to mind that I hope when it comes together will be very strong. That's what's so beautiful about working with Michael. We totally give and complement each other. What the writers have written about the relationship is that there is a very deep love and a longing to love and trust each other but it just keeps getting demolished all the time."

Meanwhile, the team at Devoted to Smallville has screen captures from the season finale "Commencement."


The BBC has some quotes from creator Frank Miller, who confirmed that "A Dame To Kill For" will be the basis for the sequel to his smash noir film. He also defended the use of violence in his work. "Considering most drama since The Iliad and before is extremely violent -- because that's how people work problems out -- it's a bit ridiculous. I don't believe in the 'monkey see, monkey do' theory of entertainment. The Japanese have the most violent fiction and movies in the world and they have among the lowest crime rate."


The Calgary Sun spoke to actor Shawn Ashmore, who is enthusiastic about getting back to campus. "Iceman's back as far as I know," Ashmore said. "There's a start date sometime this summer, but I don't know the details. As far as I know, everybody's back. So it's pretty exciting. It's going to be interesting to have some new blood brought in and get someone else's take on it." Ashmore also talked about why he won't be Jimmy Olsen. "It was a conflict as far as timing. It's unfortunate. But I'm so happy to be in the 'X-Men' group. It was a good problem to have."


Comics Continuum has some screen shots from this weekend's new episode, "Riddled," which will introduce a new Riddler into the Gotham City lexicon, voiced by Robert Englund. Producer Jeff Matsuda described the new take on the classic character. "Our version of the Riddler started by basically breaking down what he's about...riddles," Matsuda told The Continuum. "I know that when you think of the Riddler, you think of green suit with question marks, but we didn't want to use that just cause it's what we're used to. In our world he's a mixture of Marilyn Manson and Bill Gates. Looks like a glam rocker but is a cunning computer nerd with a penchant for riddles on the inside." "Riddled" was written by Christopher Yost and J.D. Murray and was directed by Sam Liu.


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