Batman Begins, Fantastic Four, Constantine, Magneto: January 14th Comic Reel Wrap


Batman-on-Film has the final installment of their series of set visits, this one visiting Arkham Asylum. In other news, the German site Gotham Globe has an apparently new head shot of Christian Bale in costume, and another German site has a set of stills that feature lots of new images from the production.


Twenty seconds from the trailer attached to screenings of "Elektra" was shown on Access Hollywood and MTV's TRL, and both Fantastic 411 (QuickTime and Windows Media) and MovieBox (same formats) are hosting the footage.


Sneak Peek has a possibly spoiler-esque photo of a statue which is part of merchandise tied into the Vertigo adaptation, showing Keanu Reeves beset with demonic opponents.


According to X-Men Films, the "'MAGNETO' Spin-Off To Be An 'X-MEN' Prequel ... Sheldon Turner is currently working on bringing the mutant known as Magneto to the big screen in his spin-off film tentatively titled: MAGNETO! The screenwriter previously talked to the folks over at Entertainment Weekly Magazine last month about the premise of the new film in development: Turner's intent for the film is to examine Magneto's 'psychological roots.' The plot will also deal with the character's friendship turned sour with Charles Xavier. The man who went on to form the team known as the X-Men. 'It's going to take place from 1939 Auschwitz up to 1955 or so,' says Turner. With that in mind, that would make the film, MAGNETO a 'period prequel' to the X-MEN movies."


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