Batman Begins, Elektra, Superman, Lady Death: The Comic Reel Wrap for August 11


The Chicago set of the DC adaptation has more leaks than the Titanic -- Superhero Hype continues its ridiculously comprehensive coverage with more set reports from the Windy City. One reader reports "I was at night 2 of filming on Wacker Ave. They are filming SWAT, cops on horseback, and Gotham squad cars crossing the bridge. They then converge on an office building (Gotham City Hall?). The helicopter covered this shot once and bailed out. The next shot they set up was a bunch of reporters huddled around a mystery actor couldn't tell who it was but the news van was Gotham channel 29. I have to say it was pretty boring, especially not seeing any action, but what can you do."


Superhero Hype reports that "the teaser trailer for 20th Century Fox's 'Elektra' is scheduled to hit theaters with the studio's 'Taxi' on October 8 (and will probably be online earlier that week). The Rob Bowman-directed 'Daredevil' spin-off stars Jennifer Garner and will be released on January 14, 2005." Taxi is also directed by "Fantastic Four" helmer Tim Story.


Our friends over at Kryptonsite have a new rumors about a certain red-clad DCU hero that could be coming to the zany little farm town. They also have a fresh image gallery with photos of new cast members for season four.


Comics Continuum talked to the voice actress Christine Auten about her involvement with the upcoming animated feature. Auten started her two years ago, working on a scratch track for the film. "When we first did the scratch track, it was really interesting experience," Auten said. "Normally, you do the voices by yourself. But when we did the scratch track, five people were circled around the microphones. It was really an interesting experience, taking the script and living it from beginning to end. When I came back and auditioned it, it was amazing to see how it had grown and visit it again. I really, really loved the character and the part and I was pretty confident."


Following up on our coverage from July 27th, Jim Caviezel is being more public about getting sized up for a cape. "Caviezel's manager, Beverly Dean, is familiar with the rumor [connecting Caviezel to Superman], but calls it speculation. 'Would he like to do it? He loves Superman,' she told The Associated Press. 'But the truth is there has been no offer, the script isn't even finished -- but absolutely he'd be interested.'"


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