Batman Begins, Elektra, Smallville: April 16th Comic Reel Wrap


Leyland Today reports that martial artist Mark Strange has joined the cast of the Christian Bale-fueled Bat flick. "Strange, who has been practicing martial arts for 20 years, has spent the last few weeks working on the new Batman Begins film at Shepperton Studios in Middlesex, taking the role of a Shadow Fighter. He said: 'Working on the Batman film was a great experience and I made plenty of great contacts while I was working. I was in the role of a Shadow Warrior, part of an elite team sent to combat Batman, who is played by Christian Bale.'"


Moviehole has an interview with actress Jennifer Garner, which centers mostly on her comedy "13 Going on 30" but manages to discuss her sai-welding role. "It's not a prequel. It's a sequel to her story in Daredevil and I've been training for the past couple of months ... I think she has such a rich storyline of her own and we're really mining that storyline in this movie. A lot of the Frank Miller stuff for Elektra, really using it. It's quite dark. I mean, her story is quite dark. She's an assassin for hire, she's a woman for hire although we don't go there in this movie. But as far as what would be different, I don't know. I think it will be its own thing naturally. I think that the wardrobe so far seems to be more reminiscent of what people associate with Elektra, although what I wore in Daredevil, she wears all kinds of different things. She's known mostly for this red outfit that you can't seem to wear any underwear underneath, so we could never quite figure out how to make it work. But she also wears a lot of black, so when we did Daredevil, we were kind of slammed for the wardrobe, but actually it was something taken directly from one of the comic books and now what I'm wearing will be a little more familiar to people who like the comic books."


Kryptonsite is always first on the block to pore over the Ezra Small Prophecies on the official site. Sadly, they're largely incomprehensible, which is why Kryptonsite is also always happy to make sense of them.


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