Batman Begins, Dick Tracy, Superman: May 17th Comic Reel Wrap


Lots of news from Gotham City today. First up, The Movie Box has the new television spot for the film in glorious QuickTime. If you're not in the mood for all that, you can just read a fan's description of the commercial. Superhero Hype also has some new photos from the Christian Bale-fueled DC adaptation. Finally, Batman-on-Film is rumormongering that actor Liev Schreiber ("The Manchurian Candidate," "Scream") will be taking a sidebar as Gotham City's possibly doomed district attorney.


There are some new photos on JMAZone from the New York city shoot. Superhero Hype reports that huge character-specific standees are popping up in multiplexes around the country.


Warren Beatty isn't the only cook in the kitchen -- according to Variety (subscription required), Lorenzo Di Bonaventura and Outlaw Productions partners Bobby Newmyer and Scott Strauss have teamed in a deal with the Tribune Co. to resurrect Dick Tracy and make him the centerpiece of a TV series.


USA Today has a story about special Superman logo dog tags being sold to benefit the Christopher Reeve Foundation.

In other news, Jack Larson talked to the Superman Homepage, and found out about the role played by the actor and his experiences on set.


Now Playing magazine has posted the second half of their interview with director Sam Raimi, who said, "[Peter is] going to try to move to the next phase of his life, the next stage, young adulthood, and he's going to now be dealing with issues of self-esteem and how he can carry on a relationship, which is much more complex than having an occasional date with some woman and not revealing all of your secrets to her."


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