Batman Begins, Deadpool, Son of the Mask, Thor: November 9 Comic Reel Wrap


The team at Comics Continuum caught the "Batman Begins" panel at Wizard World Texas, and rustled up some news. First, director Christopher Nolan is about three weeks away from completing his first cut on Batman Begins, screenwriter David Goyer said. "I've been watching the dailies, and it's going along really well," Goyer said. "Chris is very intense and focused and very private and he's just locked away in the editing room. can say that it's going to be the Batman film I'm sure any one of you always wished would have been made. For me, it's going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience." Of course, sequel talk is already in the air before this film is even done. "On one hand, we're really tempted not to do another one, to do the one and walk away," Goyer said. "Theres been rumors on the Net, and there really isn't any truth to them. I was talking to Chuck (Roven), one of the producers, just yesterday, and they're really interested in Chris doing another one. Chris won't even talk about it until he finishes this cut, so they're going to bring it up in January. Warner Bros. has said to me, 'Don't be surprised if we come at you with the Brink's truck and say we want another one.' I wouldn't do it if Chris didn't, and I don't know if Chris would. Why does he need to? We definitely set it up and kind of provided Warner Bros. a rough plan of what the next three movies would be. So it's not like we'll do one and then figure on the next. There is a road map of what the next three movies would be and who the various characters would be."


On one hand, Ryan Reynolds sends positive word, via Bloody Disgusting, saying "Avi Arad called me into his office after we were done shooting and said 'Ryan I want you to play Deadpool, you've got to do Deadpool, I don't know how we'll do it but we'll do it." Of the vampire killing, he said, "New Line sees it as a new franchise for them, there's alot of interesting characters in there like the Midnight Sons and all these other guys who are really interesting and they see it as something they can mine out this new franchise. David and I talked about doing the story together, he doesn't need any help from me but I defiantly hope to collaborate with him on that. But at this point it's such conjecture, it's something we're not even thinking about."

On the other hand, faithful reader Edward H. Bart IV saw the actor speak at Wizard World Texas, and wrote in to say, "Ryan Reynolds of course was asked about the status of him starring in the titular role in the Deadpool movie. He repeated his love of the character and his willingness to take on the role. He had nothing new to say except it was still up in the air, pending contracts, studios, etc. (Ya know, the vagaries of the Hollywood machinery)."


Comingsoon has a new trailer for the Jamie Kennedy-fueled comedy sequel, in Windows Media and glorious QuickTime.


Faithful reader Lynne Gillis writes in to say, "A movie that has been rumoured for some time on Comic Book Movies.com is a adaptation of Marvel's Thor. The rumored movie might star WWE superstar Edge to star as the lead in this adaptation of this Marvel comic." We couldn't find a link corroborating this by press time.


Once more into the breach, as Kryptonsite posts a new interview with Smallville Magazine editor Richard Matthews, who talks about his access to the show's stars. Meanwhile, Kryptonsite's own personal arch enemies at Devoted to Smallville have fresh and expanded spoilers on the episode "Pariah," due in a month or so.


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