Batman Begins, Deadpool, Green Lantern: The Comic Reel Wrap for August 9


Fanboys worldwide breathed a collective sigh of relief when Entertainment Weekly talked to funnyman Jack Black, and confirmed that he is not going to slip into the emerald tights. I took a meeting with someone who has the rights, but there's no [Green Lantern] script," Black told EW. "I'd be interested if there was a really good writer attached, but it's far from a [done deal]."


Fight fans may have to hold on a little bit longer -- IESB.net reports that the film might not show up on time. "It's a common problem that feature films always have to battle. Will the film be ready for its release date? Sometimes you hear of editing being done a couple of weeks before the film is released but most of the times the movie is ready one week before it's target date. That it is not the case with Alien vs. Predator. The studio is rushing the editors and the special effects houses to get this film ready by it's target release date of August 13th but they are not confident that it will be done by opening day. To make things worse 20th Century Fox has had to cancel the Junket for the film because they know that the print will not be ready in time. Junkets are normally held 1 to 2 weeks prior of the release date so the journalists can see the film and interview the talent involved and finally review the film. Even the films Red Carpet World Premiere that was going to be held at the Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood on August 10th has been cancelled due to the same problem."


We have a lot of coverage on the Christopher Nolan-helmed adaptation today. First up, regular CBR reader Daniel Maia wrote in after checking out the Sudoeste Rock Festival in Portugal. While there, he heard Tim Booth, former leader of the British band James, say he had a minor role in "Batman Begins." Daniel writes, "He couldn't say more, due to a confidentiality agreement, but he'll apparently be playing a small time criminal of some kind, perhaps a part of a bit more relevance than just an ordinary cameo appearance." Joe Chill, anyone?

Meanwhile, Chicago's ABC7 has video footage of Christian Bale in his Bat-suit. One of the spies for Superhero Hype saw some of the filming, writing, "Bale was on the rooftop jumping off the ledge with a huge fan blowing on him. So his cape would expand. Some interns or whatever told us we were not allowed to take pictures. So we went to a parking garage across the street from where they were filming and got some pics of the bat signal lit-up!! And saw them film a scene with Gordon talking with Batman. Then Batman jumps on the ledge of the building and jumps off. During the scene Batman points to the lit bat signal. After they were done filming (and we got kicked out of the parking garage 3 times) we stood by Gary Oldman's trailer and sure enough he came out and signed a bunch of autographs and even took pictures with fans. A few minutes later Bale came down with eye shadow on (there was a problem with someone taking his picture last night) so we asked him if it was ok and he didn't want us too. But he did take time and sign a few autographs he even shook a little kids hand. If you ask me he really made up to his fans by signing autographs."

In other news, Superhero Hype also has news about filming in the Windy City. "On the nights of Sunday, August 8th & Monday, August 9th they will be filming in the vicinity with the use of a helicopter. These scenes will be filmed intermittently over the Chicago River between the hours of 7:00pm and 11:00pm. The following streets will be closed on each of these nights from 7:00pm to 5:00am: Franklin Street from Randolph to Hubbard. Wacker Drive from LaSalle to Lake. Warner Bros. is working closely with the Chicago Police Department, the FAA and our office on all aspects of this activity. And while these flights will be kept to a minimum, we do apologize for the inconvenience."

They also have an update about the Batsingal. Their scooper writes, "I have an office that overlooks the Franklin Street location, and I've been monitoring the progress all morning. The exciting part is what they are going to be filming. THE BAT SIGNAL! As I type this, the crew is currently on a lunch break, but they've been assembling the Bat Signal all morning. Currently, they have the support structure for it almost finished. Also, the Southern face of the building next to the BatSignal has a sheet of bluescreen on it, about four feet tall, hanging off the top of the building. A brown tarp is covering the blue screen, I presume to protect it from sunlight. On one of the buildings across the street from where the BatSignal will stand, they've got some of their lighting equipment already placed." They also have what may be a first look at the Batsignal itself.

Finally, they have some slightly blurry images of the filming in process.


David Goyer posted a message on the Blade: Trinity message boards, saying, "Deadpool movie status? Don't know. I was talking to Marvel about it, but ultimately, decided to move on to other projects."


Kryptonsite has added some big spoilers for the upcoming season four episode "Gone."


Speaking of the last son of Krypton, Ain't It Cool News has the casting note from Warner Brothers as they search for the right man to fill out the red and blue tights. "Call for Actor to play SUPERMAN for Warner Bros. Feature. Pat Moran + Associates Casting (Emmy Award winner for 'HOMICIDE: Life on the Street') is part of a nation-wide search for an actor to portray Clark Kent/ Superman in a new feature film for Warner Brothers. The description of the role is: Late 20's, tall, handsome, chiseled good looks. Athletic. Strong character. All American. Confident, yet awkward. Faster than a speeding bullet. The film will be directed by Bryan Singer ('X-MEN,' 'USUAL SUSPECTS') and produced by Jon Peters & Gilbert Adler. No other cast has been announced yet. Although Pat Moran + Associates are accepting open submissions from both actors and non-actors, auditions are by appointment only. Auditions will be held the week of August 16th through August 20th. Anyone interested in auditioning for this starring role should send either a Headshot & Resume', a model card, or a clear individual photograph of themselves to: Pat Moran + Assoc. ATTN: 'Superman' 3500 Boston St., Suite 425, Baltimore, MD 21224. Photos should include: Name, Age & Phone Number(s). Photos are non-returnable. No phone calls to Pat Moran + Associates, please."


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