Batman Begins, Daredevil, Catwoman, more: March 18th Comic Reel Wrap


Would you like to hear a little bit of every single song on the soundtrack? If so, you're in luck -- Tower Records has posted Real and Windows Media samples of the tunes, which will be available in stores on March 23.


icWharf notes that the new Batmobile was seen racing around the waterfront community as filming began for the big Bat movie.


Ben Affleck was on Larry King Live, and he backpedaled a bit from his earlier stance on a sequel, according to Superhero Hype. "Well, 'Daredevil' was a sort of personal thing for me because it was the comic book I loved when I was a kid," Affleck said. "I just felt I would never forgive myself. The 12-year-old me would never forgive myself if I passed up a chance to do it. I'm not sure I would do it again but it was fun."


USA Today sat down with Eartha Kitt, Julie Newmar and Lee Merriweather to find out "what's new, pussycat?" and find out why so many people find the feline fatale so attractive a character. They also discussed their experiences in the skin-tight catsuit and their thoughts about Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry following in their pawprints.


Superhero Hype picked up the latest issue of Muscle and Fitness magazine, where wrestler Triple H discussed the new Wesley Snipes-fueled sequel. "I play the heavy of a group of vampires that's trying to ensure we become the dominant species on the planet," the grappler said. "We're out to capture and kill Blade. You find out later in the film that I'm like Blade in that I'm half-human. That's why I have steel fangs instead of real ones and powers similar to his. Every time you think Blade and his crew have made their escape, I come out of nowhere." When asked about memorable scenes, he said, "In one scene shot here in Vancouver, we set Blade up so the police capture him, and we go to the police department dressed as orderlies to try to pick him up. The other heroes in the film come to his rescue. A riot breaks out at the police department, and we have a massive gun battle. They end up escaping with Blade. As they're driving down the highway, I chase them, and Jessica Biel, who plays one of the heroes, shoots me in the eye with an arrow."


Wanna see Tobey Maguire's introduction to the video Japanese businessmen got to check out? A Japanese site was kind enough to post it for the world to see. Also, on the official site, co-producer Grant Curtis has updated his weblog, discussing details of their casting process and specifications on the eight-armed doctor.


Dark Horizons notes that the CGI cat flick has been delayed a week, and will open June 11, 2004. Our sources tell us that the effects company working on the project is pulling a lot of fourteen-hour days to try and get the project done.


Kryptonsite notes that child actor Wayne Dalgish has been cast for a pivotal and spoilerish guest role in upcoming episode "Memoria." They also have an equally spoilerish photo of the young actor that shows it even better. In other news, Comics Continuum caught some cast members on E! News Live. "There's some big some suprises, especially in the season finale," said Tom Welling. "They let me in on a few of the ideas and there's a few people leaving the show and there's a few people coming back and there's some people whose characters disappear." "Not everybody's coming back to Smallville next year," said Sam Jones III, who plays Pete Ross. Annette O'Toole, who plays Martha Kent, said, "I think every single charcter is somehow in grave peril, which is just the way you want it, isn't it?"


Columnist William Vaughn was tipped off that "Recently auditions were held in Sydney for a large hip hop dance number to be shot over four weeks for 'The Mask 2.'"


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