Gorgeous Batman Begins Figure Immortalizes Christian Bale's Dark Knight

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If you happen to get Hot Toys' latest, highly-detailed action figure, your guests could be forgiven for believing actor Christian Bale is actually in your house. The Hong Kong-based toy manufacturer has unveiled the final product images of its quarter scale Batman Begins figure, and the results are nothing short of amazing.

The figure is much bigger than Hot Toys' usual 1/6th scale, standing at a whopping 18 and a half inches tall. It features a head sculpt of Christian Bale that is so accurate it's almost uncanny, and the interchangeable masked versions of his face has you believing this action figure leaped right from the screen to your display shelf.

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With 9 different interchangeable hands, a magnetically-attached cape, multiple batarangs, a grapple gun, climbing belt, a ski mask, and an evidence bag complete with Joker card, you can easily bring any scene from Batman Begins to life.

Hot Toys appears to have outdone themselves with this figure, which already looks like a masterpiece, immortalizing one of the most iconic big screen portrayals of Batman for fans and collectors.

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Hot Toys' quarter scale Batman figure is currently up for pre-order, with a price tag of $485 US. The figure is expected to drop some time in August or September.

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