Batman Begins, Blade: Trinity, Smallville: July 1st Comic Reel Wrap


The German site Batmans.de has a new image of Christian Bale in the Bat-suit.


The official site has been updated with new Flash synopses of the three lead characters, new downloads, desktops and more.


Kryptonsite has some spoilers for Season Four, including the title of the next new episode we'll see.


According to Latino Review, "Chris Evans of the upcoming New Line Film 'Cellular' has today been offered the role of Johnny Storm in Tim Story's upcoming Fantastic Four." This comes from the same source that delivered their script review of the Tim Story-helmed film.


Superhero Hype visited the Vancouver set of the Jennifer Garner-fueled spin-off film, and delivered a boatload of tidbits along with a more organized set report. According to the report: Colin Farrell may make an appearance as Bullseye if he thinks the part is good, there will only be a passing reference to Matt Murdock in this film, hitmakers Evanescence are being courted to do a song for the movie's soundtrack, the basis for this film is primarily based on Frank Miller's Elektra stories and the Elektra and Wolverine story, Garner will change costumes numerous times (including one close to the classic red pajamas, as seen in USA Today), and there's a spoiler-filled message board post which has info from the casting company.

The set report is also chock full of spoilers, discussing specifics of scenes being filmed, and taking a look at Typhoid Mary (played by Natassia Malthe) and the leader of the Hand, Kirigi (portrayed by "Die Another Day" veteran Will Yun Lee).

Meanwhile, in a glowing set report over at Dark Horizons, rumors about "Daredevil 2" cropped up, with production allegedly starting next year and neither Garner nor Ben Affleck involved. "They're putting a few names in a hat and seeking out a few other name actors apparently - I believe there's two main candidates at the moment, a TV guy whose name escapes me at the moment and Hayden Christensen, from Star Wars 2. Can't say I'm familiar with anything else he's done, but he's young, so that works in his favour -- especially if he has to do a bit of physical boof."


Actress Lynda carter talked to TV Guide about her time in the star-spangled swimming suit. Carter said, "What I was hoping for was that men would see that women could be a lot of things: She was beautiful, smart and able to kick ass but also a good egg. It wasn't just about how she looked."


The Houston Chronicle talked to Alfred Molina about his tentacled role in the web-spinning sequel. "His powers do kind of match Spider-Man's, in terms of strength and versatility," Molina said. "The irony is that, with the tentacles, he's almost as spidery as Spider-Man. I'm sure that wasn't an accidental thing, but probably a subversion of the artists. That's the interesting thing about Marvel characters, both villains and heroes, they're all rather reluctant. I think that helped (director) Sam Raimi to push a little bit and extend the story's possibilities."

Meanwhile, Comics Continuum finished up their roundtable interview transcriptions with one on movie guru Avi Arad. Arad was less than positive about post-trilogy sequels: "I hope that Sam will have the energy to continue. And if he doesn't, we'll have to think about it.

This movie now has a very clear voice. When you see this movie, the same guys we fell in love it, they continue to grow together. Let's put it this way: I can sleep better knowing we have Sam for the next one. And then we will see if we can twist his arm and get him. Again, it depends, if the story is great, if the script is great and he's still in love and the team is together, I don't know ... I don't think today he would commit to movie six, but I think Sam genuinely loves this character and this movie, even more than the first, shows a total understanding of that."


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