Batman Begins, Blade: Trinity, Daredevil 2, Smallville: October 15th Comic Reel Wrap


According to Superhero Hype, actor Christian Bale was on LBC radio in Great Britain, talking about his role in the upcoming Bat-flick. According to their scooper, " He basically said that the new film would stand out from the four previous ones, as he felt it was concentrating more on the character of Batman rather than the villains. he said that while there were plenty of interesting bad guys, and 'freaks' from the Batman comics, he'd never seen Batman examined quite so closely as he is in 'Begins.' The newscaster also said that the film was going to be very different due to its being based more on the early Batman comics."


New Line has updated the official site with a new video interview with writer/director David Goyer, and the photo gallery has new shots from the film.


Ben Affleck told IESB.net that he'd be willing to step back into the sightless shades of Matt Murdock if the film concentrated on some of those darker stories that have been told about the character in the comics and graphic novels. He tells IESB that convincing FOX to do something against the grain might be a challenge though.


There's spoilers for the tenth episode of this fourth season, called "Scare," posted at both Kryptonsite and Devoted to Smallville, but we'll leave it to you to decide which one has the better information.


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