Batman: MBTI Of The Bat Family

While Batman remains a solitary crusader much of the time, he seems to have the strongest cast of supporting characters that work with him all the time. DC refers to this group of heroes as the Bat Family. What started as Robin has grown to four different Robin's plus ancillary characters that have provided Batman with backup, and the occasional rude awakening that he has needed at times.

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The Myers-Briggs Personality Index classifies people into what drives them to become the hero or villain that they are today. Here is a look at the different members of the Batman Family and their MBTI traits to see what makes them tick.


The description of the INTJ MTBI character type is the Architect. That pretty much describes Batman perfectly. Some people might consider Batman to be INFJ. His entire career as a crimefighter was based on losing his parents, as well as losing those close to him, such as Robin.

However, the fact is that Batman holds all these feelings inside. They might push him on, but they are not something he lets anyone see. Batman is analytical and an independent out-of-the-box thinker who questions everything. This is what makes Batman who he is.



Next to Bruce Wayne, Dick Greyson is the man most suitable to put on the cape and cowl, and when he did become Batman, he was spectacular at it. Much like Bruce, Dick lost his parents as a child to a murderer, but he never let it destroy his life like Bruce did — mostly because he had Bruce there to guide him into his role as a hero.

He is very different from Batman in two ways. He has a good sense of humor and is always there to help those he considers friends and family. While Batman is an architect, Nightwing is easily the protagonist, which is what the ENFJ is.


Damian Wayne Robin

Damian Wayne might be the most insolent, entitled and bratty version of Robin in existence. He is also a classic ESTJ, someone who wants everything to be as cut and dry and as black and white as possible. Damian doesn't see much in shades of grey, and when he sees bad, he sets out to take it down without prejudice.

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The ESTJ is the Executive, and while Damian is no one's boss, he sure thinks that he is. He at least thinks he is above everyone around him. He represents tradition and order and is strong-willed and stubborn when it comes to doing things his way.


Out of all the kids who served as Robin, it is Tim Drake, who is the closest to Batman when it comes to brilliance and detective skills. On some levels, Tim might even be a greater detective than Batman. On the MBTI chart, he checks in as an INTP.

The INTP is the Logistician, and Drake fits that description, with his refusal to be normal and his unquenchable thirst for knowledge and improving in all areas of his life. He is smart and a great analyst, while also having a great imagination. The one area he differs from Batman is the "P" as he is much more open-minded, which helps him as a pure detective.


Barbara Gordon is an interesting story as she has two meaningful lives in the pages of DC Comics. She was the original Batgirl and was one of the most respected female superheroes in comics. However, after Joker shot and paralyzed her, she became Oracle and was a superhero using her brains — proof that disabilities cannot keep someone from being a hero.

ENTJ is the MBTI type of a Commander, and that is the role that Barbara played to perfection as Oracle. She led not only the Birds of Prey when they went on missions but was also the point-person for other members of the Bat Family. She is strong-willed and inspiring, but also impatient and stubborn.


Cassandra Cain was the fourth person to serve as Batgirl. She was never meant to be a hero, raised to be a perfect warrior, and a bodyguard for Ra's al Ghul. She was a child prodigy and grew into one of the most formidable members of the Bat Family in a fight.

She ended up giving up her title as Batgirl to become Orphan, something that describes what makes her tick. While Cain spent much of her adult life wanting nothing more than to kill Ra's al Ghul and Deathstroke, she is an ISFJ character type — the Defender. She is imaginative and helps people but represses her feelings and takes things way too personally.


Alfred Pennyworth is the heart and soul in relation to Bruce Wayne's grit and determination. He is an ISFJ when it comes to the MBTI character type, the Guardian. He is the person who is there to nurse Batman back to health mentally and physically and will help just about anyone brought to him.

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Alfred is also fiercely protective of the Bat Family, and despite being an older man with no powers, he will stand and fight to protect his loved ones and family to the death if needed. He is supportive, patient, and observant but has a reluctance to change.


The world is getting to know Kate Kane thanks to the new Batwoman television show. On TV, she is there to replace Batman, who has disappeared from Gotham City, leaving it in need of a hero. In the comics, she is part of the Bat Family, but is highly individualistic and doesn't always play well with others.

Her MBTI character type is that of the ENTJ. She is highly self-sufficient, doesn't let anyone else's opinions sway her from being who she is, and follows her heart and intuition at every step of the way. She is efficient and self-confident but can also come across as impatient and arrogant at times.


At one time, nothing more than a member of Batman's rogue's gallery, Catwoman has become part of the Bat Family and even chose at one time to settle down and become the wife of the Caped Crusader. She also is one of the only people who has been able to tame the Bat and break down his defenses.

However, the sometime-cat burglar is an ISTP when it comes to her MBTI personality type. ISTP is the Virtuoso, which describes her perfectly, as one of the top burglars in the world. She is creative and spontaneous and can get out of just about any problem while loving to take risks due to her tendency to grow bored with life.


Jason Todd was the tragic Robin, the one that Joker murdered when DC fans voted that they wanted to see him die. Later, Todd returned and wanted revenge for Batman failing him, taking on the role of Red Hood. However, he has since become somewhat of an antihero as a member of the Bat Family.

He is the ESTP character type, a bold and practical hero who prefers not to play around and go straight for the jugular of any problem. He is also typically insensitive to anyone's feelings, is impatient and takes way too many risks, and is one of the most defiant members of the Bat Family.

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