Batman: Arkham VR Video Details a Long List of Joker's Crimes

Joker in Batman: Arkham VR

If you've ever wondered what crimes The Joker has actually been convicted of over the decades, Rocksteady Studios has assembled a partial answer in the character's interactive biography in "Batman Arkham VR."

The list, captured in the above video by Kotaku, is admittedly far from exhaustive, but it is funny. And as the website points out, the bio has more dialogue from Joker voice artist Mark Hamill than the actor delivered in the entirety of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

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As amusing as some of the crimes sound -- "failure to adequately restrain a rhino" is both hilarious and intriguing -- some of the best gags are less about the acts being reported as much as their sequence. The "improper labeling of meat products" is funnier, and more menacing, when it comes after "improper disposition of a body."

Aside from all the counts of "involuntary manslaughter, voluntary manslaughter" and "enthusiastic manslaughter," what is The Joker's ultimate crime? According to this tally it's "littering."

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But, as The Joker puts it, "My only regret is I didn't do more."

Both “Batman: Arkham VR” is available now.

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