Batman: Arkham VR Behind-the-Scenes Video Gets You Inside Batman's Head

Are you ready to wear the cowl? Rocksteady Studios and Sony will put you inside the Caped Crusader's head in October with the release of "Batman: Arkham VR," the first installment of the "Arkham" franchise to be available for Sony's PlayStation VR headset. To whet appetites, Sony released a three-minute behind-the-scenes video on Wednesday.

Because it is impossible to replicate the immersive experience of a virtual reality on a flat screen, the sneak peek intercuts video of VR gameplay with commentary from members of Rocksteady’s creative team, who share their excitement about building and experiencing a whole new type of game.

Acting lead VR designer Bill Green described the suiting-up process as the "ultimate Batman experience we’ve been able to create." We see a player manipulating the cowl in the game using hand controllers in physical space. "Then the mirror comes in and you see to your reflection, and it confirms to your face, you are Batman. It's kind of mind-blowing, especially the first time."

The game incorporates tools and gadgets from previous installments of the Arkham franchise but also introduces the all-new "forensic scanner," which is held like a flashlight and is used to piece together evidence. Green also explained that the layered and detailed world of "Arkham VR" world includes a number of supervillains and a "death trap that you have to work your way out of."

Senior Producer Darius Sadeghian shared that the DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns tried the game and jumped right in. "He just went all over the place." He was "ducking down and looking at everything" instead of starting in a "safe zone" like most people.

Both "Batman: Arkham VR" and PlayStation VR are scheduled for release in October.

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