Batman: Arkham Knight's Red Hood Gets Statue Courtesy of Prime 1 Studio

"Batman: Arkham Knight" is now a little more than a year old -- so, at this point, fans may be looking for something to remind them of Rocksteady Studios' epic conclusion to their Batman trilogy. Enter Prime 1 Studio, which has wowed fans with their uber-realistic statues. This time the toy manufacturer has unveiled a 33-inch statue of Jason Todd, the second Robin, as he appears in the acclaimed game.

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Jason Todd was famously killed by the Joker in 1988, when fans called a hotline to vote the sidekick dead. Then, in 2005, DC published "Batman: Under the Hood," which returned Jason Todd to life -- thanks to a continuity alteration caused by "Infinite Crisis" -- giving him the Red Hood alias. Jason found a second life as Gotham City's most murderous vigilante, both in the comics and with fans.

"Arkham Knight" sets itself up as a Batman vs Scarecrow story, but as the game's story unfolds, it draws more and more heavily from "Under the Hood." culminating in the reveal of the Red Hood as the mastermind behind it all.

The Red Hood of the video game, and the one captured here in statue form, is much more militarized and armored than his previous appearances. His "hood" is much more of a tactical helmet, and his armor is made of many interlocking pieces, looking all the more impressive as an enormous figure.

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This statue would look awesome in any Batman fan's collection, but start saving now, because Prime 1 Studio's latest is going to set you back $849 USD.

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