'Batman: Arkham Knight' unveils 'Flashpoint' skin

Add one more in-game skin to the growing list of incentives to preorder Batman: Arkham Knight, the hotly anticipated conclusion of the Rocksteady Studios trilogy.

Those who preorder the $90 Premium Edition will not only get the game, the Harley Quinn DLC and a Season Pass for future DLC content, but also an exclusive Batman Flashpoint skin. That's of course a nod to the 2011 DC Comics crossover that depicted an alternate timeline in which a young Bruce Wayne is gunned down in Crime Alley, and his father Thomas becomes a gun-wielding Dark Knight.

The Flashpoint skin follows such recent announcements as the "Gotham's Future" Skin Pack (featuring costumes from Batman Beyond and The Dark Knight Returns) and the PlayStation-exclusive classic TV Batman and Batmobile skins.

Batman: Arkham Knight follows the Caped Crusader at the peak of his abilities, as Scarecrow returns to Gotham City to unite his foes to finally kill the Dark Knight. The game arrives June 23 from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

(via IGN)


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