RUMOR: Rocksteady's Next Batman Game Will Be Arkham Crisis

Batman Arkham Collection

A new rumor has surfaced online suggesting Rocksteady Studios will be continuing its Arkhamverse franchise with a new video game called Batman: Arkham Crisis.

Details are few and far between, as it's mere speculation at this point, but according to PlayStation Lifestyle, it's been in development for two years. The site suggests the game will be announced in March, consisting of a story mode that's said to have a much more complex, 12-arc narrative, each chapter being around an hour long.

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A rumored play-test said there will be access to the Batwing instead of the Batmobile, which allows users to deploy it for combat and transportation as Rocksteady aims to reinvigorate the next chapter following 2015's Arkham Knight. It is reported to also have a separate co-op mode with more expansive side missions to play through, similar to the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

As it stands, anything surrounding Arkham Crisis should be taken with a grain of salt, as rumors also recently appeared to suggest a Court of Owls game was he the works. This was never confirmed, though, and further theories online indicate this secret society could even be the villains in Arkham Crisis. Given that Bruce Wayne was outed as Batman and was apparently blown up in his manor at the end of the previous game, no one knows if Arkham Crisis is indeed a prequel, a sequel with Bruce returning or someone else entirely under the cowl.

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