"Batman: Arkham City" May Feature Catwoman-themed Downloadable Content

While Rocksteady Studios has already confirmed that Catwoman will be playable during specific parts of the developer's heavily-anticipated "Batman: Arkham City." However, according to GameStop, it looks like she'll be getting some additional playable segments as well.

Yesterday, a listing surfaced on GameStop's online storefront for a "Batman: Arkham City" Limited Edition Official Strategy Guide published by Brady Games. Among other details, which includes details on exclusive lithographs to a pin-up poster of Catwoman and Harley Quinn in a "seductive pose," the listing states:

"Bonus Catwoman's Walkthrough: Get complete coverage of Catwoman's DLC content! All 4 episodes are revealed!"

Neither Rocksteady nor "Batman's" publisher, WB Games, have provided official comment concerning the game's Catwoman DLC at this time, which is understandable as the news likely hit before they were prepared to release details. However, when "Batman: Arkham Asylum" was released in 2009, it was supported by the release of several downloadable Challenge Map packs on both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, a fact which lends credence to the GameStop listing.

"Batman: Arkham City" hits stores for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 18

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