"Batman: Arkham City" Celebrates Easter "Eggs"

It's been two weeks since WB Games and Rocksteady Studios released "Batman: Arkham City" for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and players everywhere are having a ball running through the desolate cityscape, discovering all the side missions and bonuses hidden within -- or maybe they're just having a field day beating up hundreds of thugs. But whether or not you've beaten the game and enjoyed its outstanding conclusion by now, chances are you haven't quite found everything just yet. Well, that's where Comic Book Resources comes in to help.

Below, we've compiled some of the best secrets and hidden stuff in the game. Some come with links to video run throughs that give you an exact idea where to go; others help you by offering an area in the game from where you'll have to search out the Easter Egg on your own. Regardless, these are the secrets we deem well worth tracking down, especially if you're a long-time fan of the Caped Crusader. As you'll see below, there are a number of secrets hidden within "Batman: Arkham City" that make the game worth playing multiple times through. Dig in and have fun!

Be aware, we're going to be discussing plenty of spoilerrific moments, so don't venture forward unless you're absolutely sure you want to see these secrets!

The Scarecrow's Return

Though the Scarecrow himself doesn't appear in "Batman: Arkham City" (as he did before in the previously released "Arkham Asylum"), his presence is still felt upon discovering a mysterious boat just off the coast of the city. Simply swoop down from the sky and make your way below deck, and you'll find a pair of subjects who have been used as guinea pigs for his fear formula, along with an invoice signed by Mr. Fine, aka Sherman Fine, who works with most supervillains when it comes to goods. The invoice indicates that Scarecrow has several shipments in tow, perhaps a sign of things to come in Gotham.

Tracking Down Azrael

Deadshot isn't the only person lurking about Arkham City that Batman needs to keep tabs on throughout the game. Lurking about in the shadows is Azrael, who keeps a close eye on the Caped Crusader and continues to deliver spooky messages every time he runs into him. Azrael is definitely worth tracking down, as you'll earn both "Catch" and "Mystery Stalker" Achievements or Trophies (depending on which version you're playing) by doing so. Check out the video if you've been having trouble nailing down the inhinged vigilante.

Harley Quinn...Preggers?

One of the coolest Easter Eggs we've stumbled across in "Arkham City" has to do with something that could hint at events to come in the third game. This one's pretty easy to find, in the opening stage where you first encounter the Joker's hideout in the steel mill. Simply reach the area indicated and perform a few scans, and you'll stumble across what's pretty obviously a pregnancy test -- with positive results.

Oh, and if you still don't believe that Harley Quinn is with child, take a closer listen near the conclusion of the end credits, also included in this video. You can kind of hear her sing a psychotic lullaby!

Killer Croc Is Still Hungry

Killer Croc was one of the central characters in "Batman: Arkham Asylum," making Batman's life a living hell while he was trying to stop the Joker. While the cannibalistic bad guy doesn't square off with the Dark Knight this time around, he does make a very brief return in "Arkham City," hiding in the sewers. With a little bit of scavenging (as shown in the video), you'll have no trouble finding him and hearing him taunt you. Yeah, come out of your cell and threaten me, Croc. I dare you.

Hidden Radio Messages Aplenty

In this video, you'll see how Batman is able to use his decryption device in order to pick up all sorts of radio signals. Along with banter from inmates and plenty of side conversations, you'll also be able to use this device to pick up messages just ripe for decoding. If you're good with numbers or don't mind figuring out what letters mean what, you might be surprised by what you find with these messages.

Batman Dies?!

Batman's supposed to be invincible, right? Well, okay, not invincible like Superman, but he'd never find himself in a fix where he would actually succumb to his enemies, right? Wrong. "Batman: Arkham City" presents has a scenario where Catwoman is forced to come to his aid. But during a certain point in the game, you can actually make the choice to either leave him behind or rescue him. Watch the video to see what happens when you abandon him. (And then, of course, come to your senses and make the right call, so the story can continue.)

Calendar Man's Rundown

Even though he doesn't physically take part in "Batman: Arkham City," you don't want to miss the opportunity to pay Calendar Man a visit, as he dwells within the courthouse Two Face has taken control of. Simply drop by to speak with the offbeat rogue on each of the 12 official U.S. holidays, and he'll tell you something different each time. Get through all of them and you'll not only unlock a "Storyteller" Achievement/Trophy, but also watch as, on the last visit, he decides not to stick around.

Batman vs...Bruce Wayne?

In the "Identity Theft" mission of "Batman: Arkham City," you end up tracking a dangerous doctor who's got some vicious plans when it comes to obtaining a new identity. But once Batman tracks him down, the Caped Crusader is shocked to discover he not only knows the doctor, but the villain has taken on a rather unusual identity -- Bruce Wayne's.

Scene of the Crime

Batman wasn't always Batman. There was a time he was just an innocent lad named Bruce Wayne, until his parents were viciously taken away from him. In "Batman: Arkham City," you can actually pay a visit to the location where they were murdered, paying your respects -- and being rewarded an Achievement/Trophy at the same time.

Did You Find the Audio Tapes?

Last, but definitely not least, there's an Easter Egg that will keep you hunting a good long time, throughout the course of the entire game. See, scattered throughout Arkham City is a series of audio tapes featuring interviews conducted by Dr. Hugo Strange, himself. On the tapes, Strange is heard speaking to a number of villains in a rather frank manner. Here's a sample of the Penguin's for you to listen to. The rest are up to you to find.

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