"Batman: Arkham City" Announces Extra-Difficult New Game Plus Mode

While a lot of fans loved "Batman: Arkham Asylum," some have noted that the game was a bit of a cakewalk when it came to dispatching bad guys in fights or taking them out silently from stealth -- even on hard mode. WB Games and Rocksteady Studios plan to rectify that with a new mode being introduced in its sequel, "Batman: Arkham City," by introducing a New Game Plus mode.

Rocksteady's European Community Manager Sarah Wellock spilled the beans via the company's official website forums about the game mode, which will challenge even the greatest of Dark Knight wanna-bes with a series of new challenges. Here's how it works:

New Game Plus is unlocked once the player finishes the game on Normal or Hard mode. which is anticipated to be a tough task in itself considering the enemies you have to face in the Penguin, Solomon Grundy and the newly introduced Mr. Freeze.

Once New Game Plus is activated, you begin the game from the start with all of the gadgets that you've unlocked from your previous play-throughs, including all of your XP and unlocked gadgets.

You'll need these advantages, because several changes will be made in New Game Plus to make it more difficult than before. There will be no "counter icons" on thugs, so you won't be able to time your moves as easily when it comes to their incoming attacks. There will also be various thug levels and confrontations will be changed from previous plays, as well as bigger, badder ones appearing at the start of the game, rather than later on.

Even though it will seem like the bad guys have the upper hand, keep in mind that all your skill sets and gadgets earned from previous games will be available. Provided you use them accordingly, you'll be ready for whatever they throw at you. Maybe.

New Game Plus is optional, so you can restart the game on the normal settings if you don't feel like tackling it right out of the gate on your first replay or if it proves to be a bit more of a challenge than you prefer. However, for fans intent on eking out every last bit of challenge available, it sounds like Game Plus will be worth checking out.

"Batman: Arkham City" arrives in stores October 18

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