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“Batman,” “Ant-Man,” “Beauty” & More Are Among CBR’s Buzzworthy Books of August

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“Batman,” “Ant-Man,” “Beauty” & More Are Among CBR’s Buzzworthy Books of August

In August, the last days of summer will be upon us but that doesn’t mean things will cool off when it comes to hot comic releases. As the season winds down, DC will present some of their greatest heroes in a different light, while continuing the story of an all-new Batman. Meanwhile, Marvel’s offerings are shrouded in mystery as the cloud of “Secret Wars” continues to hang over everything the publisher is working on, though it’s clear that the publisher plans to continue to delve into some very diverse genres as part of its mega-event.

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Meanwhile, Image celebrates a milestone for a fan-favorite title while continuing its trend of delivering new high concepts. IDW will present a pop culture sensation coming to the world of comics for the first in addition to the further adventures of two beloved FBI agents continuing their search for the truth. And Dark Horse will not be outdone as it presents the latest from Paul Cornell as well as the conclusion to a highly acclaimed series.

“This Damned Band” #1 (of 6)

Writer: Paul Cornell

Artist and Cover: Tony Parker

Colorist: Lovern Kindzierski

Paul Cornell has written for Marvel, Vertigo and DC. He’s written bestselling novels, and episodes for The BBC’s “Dr Who.” Now, Cornell arrives at Dark Horse with his latest creator-owned series, “This Damned Band.” In 1972, a rock band finds out that their Satan worshipping shtick is more than just an act, plunging into a world of black magic and rock music-70s style. Cornell is a writer who likes to blend a keen societal awareness with fantastic genre concepts; if you love rock n’ roll, contemporary fantasy and a good old fashioned laugh, it sounds like “This Damned Band” might be the perfect book for you.


Writer, Artist and Cover: Matt Kindt

Variant Cover: Geof Darrow

For the last few years, few comics have garnered as much acclaim as “Mind MGMT.” In Aufgust, Matt Kindt brings his acclaimed series to a conclusion with this special epilogue issue. Comics like this “Mind MGMT” don’t come along every day and we have high expectations that the conclusion should be just as startlingly original as the rest of the series.

“DC Comics Bombshells” #1

Writer: Marguerite Bennett

Artist: Marguerite Sauvage

Cover: Ant Lucia

DC’s popular statue series comes to life in this new series featuring very different versions of DC’s greatest heroines taking the fight to the Axis on the frontlines of the second World War. A project that sounds like DC’s All Star-Squadron by way of Bettie Page, writer Marguerite Bennett expands her DC Comics credits with this digital-first series, with art by DC newcomer Marguerite Sauvage. Officially, the Multiverse may be dead, but “DC Bombshells” is the place to celebrate the rich diversity of the women of the DCU in a very different and very cool form.

“Batman” #43

Writer: Scott Snyder

Artists: Greg Capullo and Danny Miki

Cover: Greg Capullo

Fans have only had a small taste of the new Batman, but it has been a compelling tease of the very different Dark Knight. In August, the ultra-popular creative team of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo will have this Batman face off against a new villain, Mr. Bloom. Anyone familiar with Snyder’s work knows that his villainous concepts tend to be horrific and unforgettable; combining that with the new Batman leaves us more than a little curious to see where Snyder and Capullo take their new hero.

“Harley Quinn Road Trip Special” #1

Writers: Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti

Artists: Bret Blevins and Others

Cover: Amanda Conner

For the past several years, Harley Quinn has reigned as DC’s breakout star, and with the character’s coming appearance in the “Suicide Squad” film, she should become more popular than ever. This August, the writing duo that has brought fans so many Harley Quinn adventures take her on a summer road trip — but Harley ain’t running solo on this road jaunt. Catwoman and Poison Ivy join her for the extra-sized summer special, and, frankly, we can’t wait to tag along!

“Ant-Man: Last Days” #1

Writer: Nick Spencer

Artist: Ramon Rosanas

Cover: Mark Brooks

One month after “Ant-Man” hits theaters, Marvel will present the Last Days of Scott Lang. “Ant-Man” has been one of Marvel’s most delightful titles, and it will be very cool to see how writer Nick Spencer and artist Ramon Rosanas guide Scott Lang through the final hours as “Secret Wars” looms large over the Marvel U. This special features a return of a classic Ant-Man foe — but will there be an “Ant-Man” series when it’s all over?

“Secret Wars: Secret Love” #1

Writers: Michel Fiffe, Felipe Smith, Marguerite Bennett, Jeremy Whitley, Katie Cook & More

Artists: Michel Fiffe, Felipe Smith, Kris Anka, Gurihiru, Katie Cook & More

Cover: David Nakayama

One of the coolest aspects of “Secret Wars” is how the event has explored genres other than super heroes. Romance comics were essentially invented by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, and with “Secret Wars: Secret Love,” Marvel returns to its romantic roots. But this isn’t just generic hipsters trying to find romance in the modern day — this is some of Marvel’s greatest heroes like Ms. Marvel, the All-New Ghost Rider and Daredevil attempting to find love during the end of reality. Marvel has a creative who’s who on this special project, all under an awesome pop art-inspired David Nakayama cover, and we can’t wait.

“House Of M” #1

Writer: Dennis Hopeless

Artist: Marco Failla

Cover: Kris Anka

It was the storyline that began the modern age of Marvel crossovers in 2005, and for its tenth anniversary, “House of M” is folded into the biggest crossover of them all. In the “Secret Wars” version,, fans will journey to a world where Magneto is king, and Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are still his children, ruling by his side. Writer Dennis Hopeless examines what happened when Magneto won his war with humanity, celebrating the story that gave us the unforgettable “No More Mutants” moment that continues to resonate throughout the Marvel U.

“The Beauty” #1

Writers: Jeremy Haun, Jason A. Hurley

Artist and Cover A: Jeremy Haun

Cover B: Jenny Frison

Cover C: Kevin Wada

Winner of the Top Cow 2011 Pilot Season, “The Beauty” makes its return in August, expanding on the original comic’s story of a sexually transmitted disease that makes the infected more beautiful every day. Writer/artist Jeremy Haun and co-writer Jason A. Hurley present a stunning look into the nature of vanity with their very timely science fiction tale of the price people might be willing to pay for beauty.

“Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl” #1

Writer: Kieron Gillen

Artist and Cover: Jamie McKelvie, Matt Wilson

Before Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie presented “The Wicked + the Divine,” a contemporary fantasy focusing on celebrity gods, they helped kickstart the current Image renaissance with “Phonogram.” This August, they return to their world where magic is music and musicians are the most powerful beings around to ask the question, if a song can rule the world, what could a music video do? Perhaps we will find out if video did indeed kill the radio star when “Phonogram” makes its triumphant return this summer.

“Morning Glories” #50

Writer: Nick Spencer

Artist: Joe Eisma

Covers: A-D: Rodin Esquejo

“Morning Glories” has earned its longevity through its deep characterization, unpredictable plotting and a constant dedication to quality. Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma’s creator-owned epic has been a staple of Image’s line since the first issue hit, and in August, the book ends its second season with a bang. Image promises that everyone will be buzzing about the direction the title is headed — a believable claim considering the twists, turns and shocking revelations “Morning Glories” has been providing fans from Issue #1.

“Drive” #1

Writer: Michael Benedetto

Artist and Cover: Antonio Fuso

“Drive” has been a bestselling, critically acclaimed novel and a hit film, and in August, James Sallis’ pop culture sensation comes to IDW. The concept of “Drive,” about a driver for hire who has the skills behind the wheel to get any job done, is simple, but the execution — which is perfect for comics — has to be experienced to be believed. This four part adaptation of Sallis’ tale promises to test the limits of the comics’ page with a hard boiled bit of badassery.

“The X-Files: Season 11” #1

Writer: Joe Harris

Artist: Matthew Dow Smith

Cover: menton3

Yeah, there’s plenty of “X-Files” action on the way to television for fans who have greatly missed Mulder and Scully, but IDW has been filling that gap for years now, delivering unforgettable cases for everyone’s favorite investigators into the paranormal. In the kick off issue of IDW’s “X-Files” Season 11, Fox Mulder has become a fugitive of justice akin to Edward Snowden, and it’s up to the ever-present Dana Scully to clear her partner’s good name. An “X-Files” yarn ripped from modern headlines, the new season sounds like a perfect appetizer before “X-Files” returns to TV early in 2016.

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