Batman: The Animated Series - When Two-Face Became a Crimefighter (Twice)

The New Adventures of Gotham's Hero, Bat... err, Two-Face!

The next day, Batman explains to Alfred that the Judge was a third personality created by Two-Face, one so deeply rooted in his subconscious, Harvey wasn't even aware he existed. The story doesn't explicitly use a certain term, but the implication is clear -- Two-Face created the Judge persona as an expression of his own self-loathing, a means of continuing Harvey Dent's crusade against crime, but also, as a way of committing suicide. The closing of the episode has Two-Face, restrained in his cell, coldly repeating the word "guilty" again and again.

Just a few months after the debut of this episode, the Gotham Adventures tie-in comic offered its own take on Two-Face declaring a war on crime. In Gotham Adventures #12 (May 1999), Ty Templeton and Rick Burchett present "Never an Option!", a sequel to the show's final Two-Face adventure. Following his breakout from Arkham, Two-Face is making his presence known throughout Gotham, only this time, he's turning in members of his own gang, or donating the proceeds of his robberies to charity. Batman speaks to Two-Face's Arkham psychiatrist, and learns Harvey escaped with a weighted coin that will always land on its "good side." Dr. Sloane fears Harvey's attempts to act out his conscience are still a subconscious expression of his suicidal desires.

This leads Batman to chase down Two-Face's various henchmen, who are also currently Two-Face's targets. Both of them arrive at a museum in time to stop Min and Max, the twin goons who apparently didn't die back in the original "Two-Face" two-parter. When a massive statue pins Batman to the ground, Two-Face has a shot at killing Batman, but the coin won't allow him.

Later, Batman tracks Two-Face to the South American nation of Santa De La Rosa, where he was running drugs during the Batman Adventures: The Lost Years miniseries (set between the original series and the New Adventures episodes.) Two-Face hijacks an airplane piloted by two of his former associates, hoping that they'll send a message to their boss, General Torres, that he's the man responsible. Batman sneaks onto the plane, and when Two-Face accidentally shoots up the controls, he flips again to decide if Batman should receive the final parachute. Batman, perhaps suicidal himself, takes this opportunity to tell Harvey the truth about his coin.

Declaring that they both know "this is the right thing to do," Harvey leaps out of the plane. Batman, taking advantage of the perhaps questionable physics that allows heroes to always leap out of planes and catch up to someone else in the air, is able to grab Harvey and share the parachute. The story ends with Batman's promise to his former friend that "it's going to get better, Harvey."

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