Batman: The Animated Series Is Getting a Tabletop Game From IDW

Batman: The Animated Series -- Gotham Under Siege

The beloved Batman: The Animated Series will make the jump to tabletop gaming in the first in a series of planned releases from IDW Games.

Batman: The Animated Series -- Gotham Under Siege is intended for one to five players, who adopt the role of the Dark Knight and his allies in order to protect Gotham City from the Caped Crusader's rogues gallery.

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It's designed by Richard Launius (Planet of the Apes, Elder Sign), who has a reputation for creating challenging tabletop games with strong themes. It's co-designed by Michael Guigliano.

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Players have to use dice and careful management of various threats to safeguard Gotham against bosses and their henchmen, all bent on destroying the city. The game includes all-new artwork, 3D city buildings, character miniatures and other components. The aim is to bring all the action and adventure of the animated series to the tabletop.

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Additional releases are planned the series, which celebrates the Batman animated universe's heroes and villains by placing them in familiar settings and in new challenges.

Set to be previewed next month at Origins Game Fair 2018 in Columbus, Ohio, Batman: The Animated Series – Gotham Under Siege will be released in August.

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