Fox Rejected a Batman: TAS Episode Starring Black Canary & Catwoman

Black Canary on Justice League

The history of television is littered with instances of what might've been, with projects and episodes that never made it to the screen for one reason or another. And the beloved Batman: The Animated Series is no exception.

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While discussing his latest project, the Kickstarter-funded graphic novel Boo & Hiss, with CBR, Emmy Award-winning writer and producer Paul Dini confirmed that Fox rejected a pitch for an episode starring Black Canary and Catwoman because it didn't give Robin enough prominence.

"Yeah, the Black Canary/Catwoman episode was a casualty," he said. "They wanted more Robin in the series, and each time we wanted to drop him from a story, we had to fight for it. Not that we had anything against Robin, we just wanted to stretch now and then and do solo Batman stories or episodes that focused mainly on Gordon or the villains. After the experimentation of the first season, the network felt we might be leaving the boys behind, so we got the edict, add more Robin."

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Dini added that another one of his ideas for an episode didn't see the light of day, but in that instance it was due to a rights issue.

"Other than that, there was a Poison Ivy seducing Swamp Thing story I toyed around with," he continued, "but the rights to Swampy weren’t available then. I did a sort of version of it years later as an episode of Justice League Action."

The Kickstarter campaign for Boo & Hiss, by Dini and artist Dave Alvarez, ends Thursday.

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