Batman: The Animated Series Honest Trailer Tackles the Classic


Premiering in September 1992, Batman: The Animated Series is heralded not only as one of the greatest adaptations of the DC Comics superhero but one of the greatest animated series of all time. This distinction does not spare it from a good-naturedly comical deconstruction from the Honest Trailers crew.

Ahead of its first-ever release on home video in high definition this week, the video pokes fun at voice actor Kevin Conroy's Batman, "an industrialist with the wealth of Tony Stark and fashion sense of Dwight Schrute."

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Some of the more outlandish aspects of the series are covered including Bruce Wayne being the world's greatest detective, ninja, hacker, magician, and ventriloquist all in one as he protects Gotham City from its gallery of garish villains.

The video also notes the odd design of the series that depicts Gotham as "a city trapped somewhere between 1932 and 1992" with its art deco architecture and Golden Age of Hollywood fashion sensibilities.

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Despite this ribbing, the video does acknowledge that the series provided the definitive incarnation of Batman's rogues' gallery including Mark Hamill's Joker whom they refer to as the greatest Joker of all time. The name of the web series is "Honest" Trailers, after all.

The Batman: The Complete Animated Series Deluxe Limited Edition box set, which retails for $112.99, goes on sale on October 30.

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