The 10 Best Episodes Of Batman: The Animated Series, According To IMDb

Batman: The Animated Series is held in high regard and has a rating of 9.0 on IMDb, meaning, those who watch it genuinely find it massively appealing. Of course, this is partially understood because of how successful the Batman series tend to do overtime.

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This series still managed to be unique and found an interesting angle to provide these stories from. Everyone involved can be thoroughly overjoyed that they were involved in a series that has stood the test of time.


This episode delves into the origin of the villain, Clayface. Matt Hagen became a shapeshifting monster after using a product produced by Roland Daggett's company. Matt decides to get revenge on Roland by killing him on live television.

Luckily, the world’s number one detective was on the case and managed to prevent Clayface from completing all of his plans. That said, the villain managed to even fake his death before escaping back into the public. Origin stories are always a fun time and this episode was definitely handled well.


While working a case with Robin to stop some petty criminals, Batman comes across the name of one of the many aliases of a man known as Tony Zucco and decides to take Robin off the case. This is, of course, due to the fact that Zucco was directly responsible for the death of Robin's parents.

After some investigating and narrowing down of leads, Batman finds Zucco. He first confronts Tony's uncle who attempts to negotiate. The episode ends on Batman fighting Zucco, with Robin quickly heading to the scene. Flashbacks to Robin's past are sprinkled across the episodes and makes for an emotionally engaging episode.


This episode shows how high a criminal in Gotham's underground can rise just on hearsay and luck. Sidney is known as the man who killed Batman because, in a squirmish, it looked as if he killed Batman after the Dark Knight fell from a roof.

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The remainder of the episode tells the story of Sidney's interaction with the Joker, who tried to murder the former as payback for Batman's death. Of course, Batman had actually escaped and by the end, he saves and arrests Sidney. All in a days work for the caped crusader.


A crazy citizen of Gotham - one of many - becomes a bomber and takes up the moniker of the Mad Bomber. After doing some research, Batman notices that the bombings mimic those of a cartoon series, with even the notes left at the crime scene being the same.

Batman compiles a list of targets before narrowing it down and persuing the former actor of the Gray Ghost role, who had sold some old memorabilia to Ted Dymer, a toy collector. After setting up a trap, Batman finds the Mad Bomber and beats him quite easily. "Beware the Gray Ghost" proves that Batman: The Animated Series could produce gold with even minor villains.


This episode is particularly interesting as it presents a reality where Bruce's parents are still alive and he didn't become Batman. In this reality, he is engaged to Selina Kyle and works at Wayne enterprise. As he goes about his day, Bruce starts running into little incongruencies that worry him.

Turns out, Bruce was right to be skeptical of this odd reality. This was all a fantasy projected by a machine, and Bruce manages to escape back to reality in time to save the day.

5 HEART OF ICE (9.0)

Victor Fries debuts in this episode and we delve right into his backstory. In this version, Freeze froze his wife until he could find a cure for her illness but his boss cut the funding, basically handing her a death sentence.

Victor was harmed even further when his boss shoved him, causing some chemicals to spill over him. That gave birth to Mr. Freeze, who comes inches away from killing his former associate before Batman rushes in and saves the day. A well-handled origin story that any fan of Batman's Rogues Gallery would love.


Two-Face (Harvey Dent) begins his acts of crime by robbing Rupert Thorne's businesses for six months straight before anyone can gather a solid lead on him. This is all part of Dent's plan to eventually get complete revenge on Thorne, who was responsible for turning the lawyer into Two-Face.

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Batman tries to save him, but Harvey manages to slip away, though not before Batman reminds Dent that his fiance, Grace Lamont, loves him. This convinces Harvey to reveal himself to Grace, which does not work out so well. Unfortunately for him, Grace leads Thorne right to Two-Face. Two-Face manages to wriggle away and, as he's about to make a decision on whether Thorne lives or dies, Batman swoops in and stops him.

3 TRIAL (9.1)

A stellar episode that begins as a criticism of Batman, blaming him for the super criminals in Gotham City. After the villains capture Batman, the episode shifts into a courtroom setting. In this court, Batman is defended by District Attorney who loathes him, Janet Van Dorn, and the judge is the Joker.

Janet manages to convince the jury to reach a verdict of not guilty. As Mr. J does not stand for justice, the Joker decides they will kill Batman and Janet anyway. Along with being a fun episode packed with iconic villains from the series, "The Trial" serves as a close examination of the relationship Batman has with Gotham's underworld.

2 TWO-FACE PART 1 (9.1)

The origin of Two-Face is revealed in this episode, beginning with his background as Gotham's District Attorney. We see him congratulating Jim Gordon and the police for a crime he knows Batman was responsible for solving.

As the episode delves deeper into his past, it is revealed that Harvey had anger issues as a boy that he learned to bottle up. This would come back to affect Dent in the modern-day, prompting random fits of anger and the onset of a personality disorder. Unfortunately, Dent's enemies also try to take advantage of the lawyer's issues. Dent tries to save himself and his reputation but, after an accident ruins his face, he tosses his old life away and becomes Two-Face.


The Joker, Queen Ivy, Penguin, Two-Face, and Killer Croc sit around a table and retell the time they came closest to putting an end to Batman. Ivy tells a tale of the time she almost got the Caped Crusader with a toxic pumpkin gas. Two-Face recounts the time he sent Batman fledging across the skies while tied against a gigantic penny just for him to get loose.

Penguin then informs the others about the time he trapped Batman in his base before fleeing, when it became apparent that he would not be able to beat him. Joker tells his story about that time he was about to electrocute The Dark Knight but Catwoman came to his rescue. Multiple awesome short stories crammed into an incredible half-hour of television.

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