Batman and the Outsiders #2 Reveals the Truth About DC's Cable Analog

WARNING: The following preview and article contain spoilers for Batman and the Outsiders #2, by Bryan Hill and Dexter Soy, in stores Wednesday, June 12.

In Batman and the Outsiders #1, not only did readers meet the Dark Knight's latest team, they also witnessed the arrival of Kaliber, a man with big guns and cybernetic appendages who came from the future in order to save Sofia, a young woman with superpowers from those out to murder her. The pair were obviously meant to be a play on Marvel's own Cable and Hope, two X-Men whose background story could be succinctly summed up by the preceding sentence.

About that...

The series' second issue wastes no time in revealing the truth about Kaliber, and it's not quite as X-Men-esque as first appeared. While he does seem genuine in his attempt to save Sofia from the people hunting her, the young woman's heavily-armed rescuer says he isn't actually from the future. Rather, he claims to be a former arms dealer from Markovia, and he only gave Sofia the time-travel story to throw her off guard long enough to calm down and take in his real story.

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Of course, this being just the second issue in Bryan Hill and Dexter Soy's first arc, there are more twists and turns on the way, and possibly even some level of betrayal. So while Kaliber appears to have come clean -- and cut back on his Cable-esque similarities in the process -- there's probably even more to his story than Sofia, and the readers, have learned.

Batman and the Outsiders #2, by Hill and Soy with covers by Tyler Kirkham and Otto Schmidt, goes on sale Wednesday, June 12.

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  • written by BRYAN HILL
  • art by DEXTER SOY
  • cover by TYLER KIRKHAM
  • variant cover by OTTO SCHMIDT
  • Sofia Barrera is on the run from an enforcer for the Ark, the program that gave her powers—but in the process, she’s fallen into the hands of the mystery man called Kaliber! He claims he wants to protect her...but who’s paying his bill? And is Katana already questioning Black Lightning’s leadership on their very first mission? Or is she just pushing him in a direction he’s not willing to go?
  • RESOLICITED | ON SALE 06.12.19
  • $3.99 US | 32 PAGES
  • FC | RATED T+
  • This issue will ship with two covers.
  • Please see the order form for details.
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