Batman and Superman Fight Against the Zodiac!

This is the Great Comic Book Detectives, where readers send in requests for the names of comic books that they remembered reading years ago and I try to find them for them! Send any future requests to brianc@cbr.com!

Today, our request comes from reader Leo B., who lives in the Netherlands. He writes:

Can you help me track down a comic I read over 35 years ago, while on vacation in Germany?

It was a done in one, about Superman and Batman. They were collecting items, if I recall correctly to do with the zodiac. One of the items was in an underwater city with mermen and merwomen. It was a German comic, but I always assumed it written and drawn by DC proper, in the US. It had that 1970s DC look.

Off and on, I try to find it, but thus far I haven't been able to find it.

Sure thing, Leo!

The comic you're looking for is "World's Finest Comics" #268 from 1981, where Batman and Superman were searching for ancient coins connected to the Zodiac.

The story opens with Batman learning of some bad guy stealing ancient coins. He realizes that Bruce Wayne has one of those coins (I love that Batman had Bruce Wayne take up coin collecting to project that "playboy image." You know, like all coin collectors do)...

Batman collects coins!

The coins ended up being Atlantean in nature, so Superman heads to Atlantis to see his old friend Lori Lemaris and her husband (hence the mer-people that Leo recalled)...

Atlantis coins

As it turned out, the coins gave the owner of them the ability to transform into different aspects of the Zodiac, and since the abilities were magical in nature, Superman was vulnerable to them...

Zodiac attacks

It turned out to be their old foe, the obscure villain Dr. Zodiac...

Dr. Zodiac revealed

But they were able to trick him...

Got your goat

There ya go, Leo!

If anyone else has a comic book that they barely remember from when they were a kid that they'd like for us to find for them, drop me a line at brianc@cbr.com!

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