Batman and Superman are meerkats in this weird Neal Adams comic

There have been a lot of really strange Batman-Superman team-ups over the years, but I'm willing to bet this is the first time in which the World's Finest are depicted as talking meerkats ... who interrupt a 1970s-era gang fight.

Called A Heroic Journey, it's a limited-edition custom comic produced by DC Comics for the insurance-comparison website comparethemarket.com. If you thought those costumed meerkats look as if they were drawn by Neal Adams, you're right.

Starring the website's mongoose mascots Aleksandr and Sergei, the undeniably kooky comic with teams the legendary illustrator with writer Tony Bedard for a story about ... well, two talking, cosplaying meerkats on their way to a movie. Along the way the encounter the aforementioned anachronistic gang members, and a pair of angry dogs.

Fair warning: It ends on a cliffhanger, of sorts. Part 2 arrives May 27.

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