"Batman and Robin Eternal" #20 Hints at Huge Status Quo Change for Dick Grayson

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for "Batman and Robin Eternal" #20.

Dick Grayson had a tough break when his identity was outed to the world in "Forever Evil." However, he managed to make himself at home in Spyral, Helena Bertinelli's spy organization, while working undercover for Batman. As it turns out, Bertinelli is actually the key to restoring Dick Grayson's secret identity -- which means Nightwing might just be able to return to Gotham once more.

James Tynion IV, Scott Snyder, Tim Seeley, Roge Antonio and Geraldo Borges' "Batman and Robin Eternal" #20 brought Mother's attack at St. Hadrian's to an end, but not before Orphan and Poppy managed to get the codes to Somnus, Spyral's satellite. In the aftermath of the battle, Grayson approached Helena about it all, and she finally revealed the function of the satellite to him.

"She took [the codes]. From our heads. From our hypnos implants where I'd hidden them. You wanted to know why Spyral had 'an evil mind controlling satellite hanging over earth.' Because... because of you, Dick Grayson," she said.

"I know how much you missed being Dick Grayson. Being Nightwing. How it ruined your life to have the world know who you were. So I had Poppy and Dr. Netz modify Somnus. One day, you wanted it, it would have allowed you to make the world forget who you were. Forget you were Nightwing. You could have walked back into your life," she explained. "I had half the access codes in my hypnos implant and half in yours. Because I believed, Dick Grayson, that using Somnus as this way was a choice we'd make... together."

Of course, before Grayson and Bertinelli could really delve into this revelation, Damian Wayne -- the "real Robin" -- arrived on bat-back to save the day. Though Grayson and Bertinelli don't get to finish their talk, it seems the issue sets the stage for Grayson's imminent return as Nightwing.

"Batman and Robin Eternal" #20 is now on sale.

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