Batman and Gotham rogues teach about bats in TED Ed video

To help dispel the belief "that bats are dangerous villains," Amy Wray and the TED Ed team turned to an expert on bats -- if not on the science, then at least on the symbolism: Batman.

In this breezy and informative animated video, the Dark Knight, Alfred Pennyworth, Jim Gordon and a handful of Gotham's rogues -- Poison Ivy, The Penguin, Two-Face and The Joker -- are used to help educate about the benefits of bats to pest control, pollination and even recovering stroke victims.

"Batman might want to keep his identity secret," the video concludes, "but a great way to help real bats is by continuing to learn about them and spreading the truth that they are real heroes -- even if their good deeds are often unseen."

(via GalleyCat)

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