Batman: The Animated Series - When Batgirl Asked Harley Quinn THAT Question

The Wrap-Up


Ivy's living elephant plant is certainly something. The use of black does evoke Kirby, but it also has the look of a European comic.

Continuity Notes

In the Batgirl Adventures special, Batgirl threatens to send in half of the Justice League to take on Kitsune. Dini was writing this under the assumption that an actual Justice League cartoon likely wouldn't happen, but I view it as more confirmation of my theory that the early episodes of Justice League are actually taking place in-between episodes of Batman and Superman. I realize that Superman's reference in the first Justice League episode to earning the public's trust was an allusion to him being brainwashed by Darkseid at the end of his solo series, but it could also work as an acknowledgment of the public's wariness towards Superman, a concept from the early days of the series that was expressed in the initial "Livewire" episode.

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The first act of "Girl's Night Out" features a brief “upskirt” shot of Supergirl flying above Gotham. This did cause a minor stir online when the episode aired, and it’s surprising that even the WB’s more lax censors didn’t cut this.

Battle of the Femme Fatales

The Batgirl Adventures special is just as enjoyable as you’d expect, given the pairing of creators and the freedom they were granted to have fun with an underutilized character. "Girl's Night Out", conversely, doesn’t feel significant enough to serve as Batgirl and Supergirl’s first meeting.

In many ways, it’s too derivative of other stories -- we’ve already seen Batgirl face off against female villains, and episodes like “Harley & Ivy” and “Holiday Knights” have already done villainess team-ups, complete with shopping montages. Given that Livewire seemed to be Superman’s answer to Harley Quinn, it’s also surprising that they have no memorable moments together. You’d think Arleen Sorkin and Lori Petty together would be magic, but the story doesn’t truly exploit the pairing. The episode looks nice, however, showcasing some of the better redesigns of the revamp era (although Ivy was too pixyish in this incarnation). The episode could’ve been easily forgettable, but the solid animation and chemistry between Batgirl and Supergirl saves the show.

That’s all for now. If you have any suggestions for future pairings, just leave a comment or let me know on Twitter.

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