Batman: The Animated Series - When Batgirl Asked Harley Quinn THAT Question


Welcome to the twenty-sixth edition of Adventure(s) Time, a look back on a classic animated series and an issue of its tie-in comic with a similar theme. Last week, we covered Superman's first visit to Gotham City, which had him donning Batman's cowl in the animated series, and in the Superman Adventures comic, searching for Batman's cowl in an attempt to appease an out-of-character Mad Hatter.

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This week, what happens when Batgirl requires Supergirl's aid against Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn...who never ceased to pester Batgirl in the Adventures comic.

Released in time for Christmas 1997, Batgirl Adventures #1 has Paul Dini returning to the tie-in comics, this time joined by Rick Burchett. This one-shot was one of the very first comics to be released after the revamp of the show, and Burchett proves within the opening pages his knack for rendering the more angular, streamlined designs. In fact, his work on the preceding Batman and Robin Adventures series showed him moving in this direction before the show was even redesigned. If Mike Parobeck influenced the evolution of the character designs in the early days of the series, is it unreasonable to think Burchett's work might've inspired the more graphic look of the New Adventures episodes?

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