Batman #70 Gets a New Cover Art, New Story From DC

Holy storyline change, Batman! The upcoming Batman #70 solicitation information has been updated by DC since it was announced back in February, and the changes are stark. The initial summary described a story involving Bruce's alternate-universe father, the Flashpoint Batman, with a cover featuring Thomas Wayne dragging his son across the desert in a truly Bizzaro World family road trip.

However, PREVIEWSworld has a new solicitation with a complete overhaul of both the cover and story. This new version of Batman #70 centers around a super-brawl between Batman and Gotham's Rogues gallery (including Mr. Freeze, Riddler and Scarecrow) orchestrated by Bane. You can find the new solicitation information and cover below:

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  • written by TOM KING
  • art and cover by MIKEL JANIN
  • variant cover by LEINIL YU
  • In chapter one of "The Fall and the Fallen," Batman escapes his Knightmares only to wind up in a whole other bad dream. He's locked in Arkham Asylum with his worst enemies, and the only way to get out is to fight them all. It's a gladiatorial game of madness and mayhem, all for the amusement of Bane!
  • ON SALE 05.01.19
  • $3.99 US | 32 PAGES


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