Batman #687 Was an Odd Issue

There were rumors awhile back that Judd Winick was going to be the writer for the Battle for the Cowl mini-series. It instead turned out to be written by the book's artist, Tony Daniel.

Well, in Winick's first issue as the ongoing writer on Batman, he basically wrote his own version of Battle of the Cowl, only doing a better job than Daniel - and doing it in one issue.

It seemed like such an odd idea - we already had Batman and Robin #1, where Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne are acting as Batman and Robin. We already had Battle for the Cowl, where Dick Grayson decides to become Batman. However, Batman #687 then tells the story of...Dick Grayson deciding to become Batman.

Winick does a good job with it (again, I think he gives better motivation than Daniel did in three issues), but it seems like such an odd narrative choice.

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