Batman '66 to Meet Archie Andrews in New Crossover


Gotham's (not so) Dark Knight will be meeting Archie Andrews and friends in Archie Meets Batman '66 #1.

Written by Jeff Parker & Michael Moreci and illustrated by Dan Parent, the miniseries will feature Archie encountering the cowled version of Bruce Wayne portrayed by Adam West in the 1960s television show. Robin, played by Burt Ward will also make an appearance. Fans will be able to pick up several variant covers from Francesco Francavilla, Derek Charm, Sandy Jarrell (Kelly Fitzpatrick on colors), Dan Parent (Tito Pena coloring, J. Bones as inker), and Ty. Templeton.

"Jeff Parker has a wonderful history with Batman '66 and is a writer I've wanted to work with since I got to Archie, and pairing him with Michael Moreci, someone who has a great track record and the right sensibility for this book, made a lot of sense," Archie Comics co-president Alex Segura told SYFY WIRE. "On the art side, there's no one else we'd rather see drawing this than Dan Parent — who's a superstar artist and an Archie legend. Watching his work with finisher J. Bone come in has been a highlight for everyone. This is going to be a memorable book."

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Batman and Robin aren't the first superhero (or villains) to make appearances in the Archie Comics universe, of course. Archie once met the Punisher, and Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy recently crossed over with Betty and Veronica.

"Look, we all want to know what Jughead and The Joker make of each other, and we want to see the romance dynamics of Riverdale High thrown completely out of gear by bringing in Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon. And will Pop Tate get ahead of this and start selling Bat Burgers," Parker said. "It’s very cool to work with a heavy hitting team of top talent. Michael and I synched up immediately with plotting, and Dan and J. Bone are the exact right cartoonists to make a mash-up like this really work. We are all wearing matching R letterman jackets while working on this, by the way."

Archie Meets Batman '66 #1 will hits stands and digital on July 18.

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