EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Gotham Girl Imagines a New Origin Story in Batman #65

Someone killed the Justice League's friends and family during a raid on Sanctuary, the mental health facility for superpowered heroes and villains established by Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman. And as they investigate a cold case, Flash (Barry Allen) and the Dark Knight are uncovering information that appears to implicate Gotham Girl, a supposed friend and ally, as the Sanctuary killer.

Of course, readers know Gotham Girl is most likely not going to be revealed as the Heroes in Crisis killer -- it's just too obvious. But while the two Justice Leaguers work their way through the evidence, we see that murderer or not, she's on the precipice of hurting a lot of people.

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The superpowered heroine is suffering from a mental breakdown as she attempts to resurrect her brother and, in the process, give herself a new origin story fitting of a true hero. And, as we see in CBR's exclusive first look at Batman #65, by Joshua Williamson and Guillem March, she doesn't seem to care who she endangers in the process.

Check out the first five pages from Batman #65, the second chapter of Williamson and March's "The Last Cold Case," along with cover art by Chris Burnham and Jeffrey Alan Love, below.


  • written by JOSHUA WILLIAMSON
  • art by GUILLEM MARCH
  • cover by CHRIS BURNHAM
  • variant cover by JEFFREY ALAN LOVE
  • “THE LAST COLD CASE” part three! The two greatest detectives in the DC Universe take on the one cold case that will tear them apart!
  • As chief architect of the Sanctuary program that cost so much for so many, especially Wally West, Batman will be held accountable…by the Flash!A cold case from the Justice League’s past has mysteriously re-opened, and Batman and the Flash—the only two heroes who stand a chance of cracking the case—are at each other’s throats! Our heroes must combat a demon from the past while burying their own inner demons in the process…and neither the World’s Greatest Detective nor the Fastest Man Alive will ever be the same again! But who is really pulling the strings here? And how does Gotham Girl fit into all this? Friendships will be tested and blood will be spilled in this titanic crossover event…
  • ON SALE 02.20.19
  • $3.99 US | 32 PAGES | GET IT HERE
  • FC | RATED T+

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