'Batman' #620 Sells Out In Three Days

Official Press Release

BATMAN #620 (AUG030170) sold out at DC Comics only three days after its in-store date of October 22. This issue features the first chapter of the 6-part story "Broken City" by the 100 BULLETS creative team of writer Brian Azzarello, artist Eduardo Risso and cover artist Dave Johnson.

"It's so satisfying seeing this character and this team being so well-received by readers," says co-editor Bob Schreck. "My hat's off to my co-editor Will Dennis, Brian Azzarello, Eduardo Risso and the entire team for pouring their all into every page. It shows, and hey, and it's only just begun! It only gets better from here, believe me!"

"On behalf of the creative team, we couldn't be happier that the book is meeting with this kind of response," says co-editor Will Dennis. "I was confident that the team would deliver a story that could stand with anything in comics today - look no further than 100 BULLETS for evidence of that - but it's always cool to have that confidence rewarded in sales."

"We've had a phenomenal year with 'Hush,' and that momentum shows no signs of letting up with the arrival of the new BATMAN team," says Bob Wayne, DC's VP - Sales & Marketing. "Now is the time for retailers to increase their orders on upcoming issues, as readers get their first look at the work Brian, Eduardo and Dave are doing."

Here is what some retailers are saying about BATMAN #620:

"After the big, loud summer blockbuster movie that was 'Hush,' Azzarello's and Risso's 'Broken City' is the sexy indie film that people remember come awards time. A surprising number of our customers picked up multiple copies of the issue. I think they're the smart ones." -Dave Justus, Austin Books and Comics, Austin, TX

"I ordered 'Hush' numbers, and I'm out already!" - Jerry Wall, Atomic Comics, Oklahoma City, OK

"I lowered our BATMAN orders by 25 percent upon Jim Lee's departure, but I underestimated the popularity of Azzarello. After a weekend of sales we already need more BATMAN #620." - Alan Giroux, All About Books, Phoenix, AZ

DC has no plan to go back to press on this issue at this time.

Upcoming chapters of "Broken City" are available as follows:

BATMAN #621 (SEP030210) is solicited in the September issue of Previews (Volume XIII #9) and is scheduled to arrive in stores on November 26 with a cover price of $2.25 U.S.

BATMAN #622 (OCT030206) is solicited in the October issue of Previews (Volume XIII #10) and is scheduled to arrive in stores on December 24 with a cover price of $2.25 U.S.

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