DC Adds Extra Pages to Batman #62 at No Extra Cost

From foil covers to extra-sized issues, comic book gimmicks still manage to draw in readers by appealing to their curiosity and love for certain characters. And the trend continues with DC Comics, in the upcoming 62nd issue of Batman, which will reunite current Bat-scribe Tom King with his Mister Miracle collaborator, artist Mitch Gerads.

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As revealed by Gerads, who calls the news a "secret," on Twitter, DC will add two additional pages to the issue, at no extra cost, while also jokingly telling fans to not say he and King never gave them anything

The humor is balanced with an appropriately eerie cover by Gerads of longtime Batman enemy Professor Pyg standing in a butchery, surrounded by dead pigs and a bucket, while his clothes are drenched in blood, his hands clutching a meat cleaver and a crazed look on his masked face. Completing the image are splatters of blood on the wall and floor, with the former surrounding Pyg in the shape of the Dark Knight himself.

Known for bringing back some of the goofier villains from Batman's mythos, as well as giving more depth to certain characters, King may have big plans for Professor Pyg, which may explain the added pages to the issue. Seeing as how King has planned a 100-issue run for his time on the character, this could tie into his planned epic for Batman, as well as flesh out the character of Pyg more.

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Batman # 62 is set to be released on Jan. 9, 2019.

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