'Batman #612' sells out, to be reprinted

Official Press Release

The powerhouse team of writer Jeph Loeb, penciller Jim Lee and inker Scott Williams has struck again, as DC Comics announces that BATMAN #612 - Diamond's top-ranked title in initial orders for February - has sold out at the publisher.

With consumer demand still high, DC is rushing back to press for a second printing of the issue. BATMAN #612 Second Printing (DEC021572) is scheduled to reach stores on March 26.

"We knew going in that readers were dying to see a Superman/Batman battle by this team," says Bob Schreck, Group Editor. "Jeph, Jim and Scott took the story further than anyone was expecting, with just the right nods to tradition. Naturally, we're all happy that the issue is going to remain available."

"This is a powerful issue by the hottest team in comics," says Bob Wayne, DC's VP - Sales & Marketing. "Obviously, readers are thrilled to follow Jeph, Jim and Scott to Metropolis and anywhere else they send Batman. As always, we ask retailers to look at their orders on upcoming issues, as events in BATMAN are only going to get hotter."

Retailers may place orders for BATMAN #612 Second Printing through their DC Sales Rep or their Diamond Comic Distributors Customer Service Representatives.

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