Will Batman #50 Feature a Classic Costume's Return?

In Geoff Johns and Gary Frank's Doomsday Clock #3 -- the events of which take place one year into the future of the DC Universe -- readers spotted a notable, yet familiar change to the Caped Crusader's costume: the classic yellow oval/Bat Symbol emblem on the chest of his suit had returned. However, writer Tom King's latest tease for the upcoming Bat-Cat wedding in Batman #50 could mean we won't have to wait a full year for the Dark Knight's next wardrobe change.

The image, which King posted on Twitter, features a close-cropped panel of Batman by artist Jason Fabok. While it's primarily a black-and-white drawing, though, Fabok made it a point to highlight the massive yellow oval on the chest.

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After the aforementioned Doomsday Clock #3 was released, Frank revealed on his Twitter account that the return of the yellow oval would eventually "be used across the other comics." While he failed to specify when it would start being used again, Fabok's illustration certainly lends credence to the status quo shift kicking off in Batman #50.

Of course, Batman's iconic costume has gone through a number of redesigns over the years, ranging from subtle tweaks to massive overhauls. The costume he currently wears in the comics was designed by former Batman artist Greg Capullo, and it was first used 2016's Batman #51, which was his and Scott Snyder's final issue of their five-year run on the title. Nevertheless, the yellow oval holds a special place in the hearts of fans, largely because of its use in the beloved 1989 Batman film.

Batman #50, written by Tom King and illustrated by a star-studded cast of artists including Mikel Janin, Jason Fabok, David Finch, Joelle Jones, Mitch Gerads and more, goes on sale July 4 from DC Comics.

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