"Batman" #4 Recreates Classic "All-Star Superman" Moment - With a Tragic Twist

The official preview for this week's "Batman" #4 reveals the unexpected homage of a key moment from Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's Eisner Award-winning "All-Star Superman."

The "Batman" #4 scene, from writer Tom King, and artists David Finch and Matt Banning, depicts a man contemplating suicide from the ledge of a building. In "All-Star Superman" #10, a page shows a similar instance, with a young woman who considers taking her life -- also from the ledge of a building -- with the exact same layout .

Rather than Superman popping up to save the day, in "Batman" #4, a new character created for the series, named Gotham, attempts to resolve the situation. However, that proves to be a challenge...

Check out a comparison of the "All-Star Superman" #10 and "Batman" #4 scenes, in addition to the disastrous result in the latter, below:

"Batman" #4 hits stands on August 3; you can check out a preview of the issue here.

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