Batman 3, Spider-Man, Superior: Oct 14th Comic Reel


Deadline reports Tom Hardy will join the cast of the third "Begins" sequel. "Insiders are keeping the role secret and won't even say if he's up for a villain role, but that seems a reasonable assumption," writes Deadline's Mike Fleming. While this is unconfirmed, speculation as to what part he will play has already begun. Slashfilm has already suggested Killer Croc, one of the more unlikely villains for the fairly realistic "Begins" cycle. Of course, they were inspired to this angle by Mark Millar and a cryptic tweet: "One of the villains is from my favourite childhood run on the character. Again, very unexpected." Keep in mind, Millar can often be an unreliable source.

Release date: July 20th, 2012


Accordin to The Wrap, your "Spider-Man" reboot villain is ... The Lizard!? You may recall the Lizard in his human guise as Curt Connors in the original "Spider-Man" cycle. The character was also a point of contention when "Spider-Man 4" imploded. So, it seems Rhys Ifans will be playing the part. Of course, their source could be my preferred villain for the film: Mysterio.

Release date: May 28th, 2012


Bleeding Cool points to a post on Millarworld where Millar (ever one to tout possible film adaptations) posted the following about producers interested in "Superior": "Both guys had casting ideas already and suggested the same dude: Mister Jon Hamm from 'Mad Men', whom I absolutely love. This is by no means guaranteed casting, but interesting that they both suggested the same guy. Will keep you posted as events happen, but I think this could be an interesting week." This is probably just an effort to drum up interest in the property. Millar is good at that.

Release date: TBA


Director Zach Snyder tells Bad Taste.it that Zod's appearance in the film is just a rumor. In fact, that's his direct quote: "For now it's just a rumour." Rumors do have a habit of becoming truth and though I'd like to see Brainiac in the film, I'll accept Zod, too.

Release date: 2012?


Pajiba reports Gemma Arterton, Alec Baldwin, and Shalto Copley. "Arterton would play a secretary in the 1969 version of MIB; Baldwin would play the 1969 MIB boss; and Copley would play a fast-talking Yoda type alien," they write. The 1969 portion of the film is shaping up to be interesting.

Release date: May 25, 2012


Collider has a video interview with Helen Mirren. While Collider videos are currently not available to embed here, she talks about firing high-power weapons. That's always a treat.

Release date: October 15th, 2010


Here at CBR, we spoke with producer Gale Anne Hurd about the series. Asked how finished episodes look, she answered, "It kicks ass. It really does. It kicks ass because we have a great team together. Not only do we have Robert Kirkman and Frank Darabont, but we have a tremendous cast. Every time I look at that big banner and I see the characters in the comic book against the cast that we put together, not only is there great synchronicity, but they're all terrific talents. We're also able to create new characters that aren't from the books, like Norman Reedus. How great is that? His brother is played by Michael Rooker. How fabulous is that?" Meanwhile, Hurd, along with Executive Producer Frank Darabont, tell MTV News about the series and make mention of Season 2 rumors:

Airdate: October


Later today, I find myself on the I-5 North and headed for the Bay Area. Of course, I'll be watching the Twitter for exciting comic book movie related stuff and provide you with one more Reel for the week. Meanwhile, if any of you in the great, wide Internet discover something awesome, disheartening, or just plain weird, let us know! Take cit, come up with a clever nickname, or go anonymous. The choice is yours. Fresh rumors and movie news every weekday morning. I am Erik Amaya bracing for the future threat of the Sonic on SR 152.

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