Batman #22 Lenticular Cover Stars Flashpoint Batman

A new lenticular cover for "Batman" #22 -- which sees the Dark Knight team-up with The Flash -- harks back to the event that kickstarted the New 52 era for DC Comics: "Flashpoint."

The DC Comics Twitter account shared an image of the lenticular variant cover that rotates between the Thomas Wayne version of Batman from "Flashpoint" standing over a bloody Martha and young Bruce Wayne and Flash nemesis Professor Zoom looming over a young Barry Allen and his deceased mother Nora. The accompanying text serves to remind the Fastest Man Alive of the dangers of meddling with timelines.

The lenticular cover of BATMAN #22, part of a #DCRebirth crossover with THE FLASH. And that's why you don't mess with timelines, BARRY. pic.twitter.com/xxrgrK9i4M

— DC (@DCComics) February 16, 2017

DC Comics seemingly confirmed Professor Zoom's involvement in the upcoming four-part crossover event "The Button" when the non-lenticular cover of "The Flash" #21 displayed him reaching for the smiley-faced button that appeared in the walls of the Batcave in the "DC Universe: Rebirth" one-shot.

"The Flash" #21 nonlenticular cover
"The Flash" #21 non-lenticular cover by Jason Fabok.

As "The Button" is set to explore DC Rebirth's secrets, "Batman" #22's cover suggests we could Batman and the Flash revisit elements of the "Flashpoint" universe. After all, Barry Allen has surely learned his lesson with altering the past for his own selfish reasons.

"The Button" explores the mystery of the Comedian’s blood-splattered smiley face button from “Watchmen,” which showed up in the Batcave at the end of Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, Phil Jimenez, Ethan Van Sciver and Gary Frank’s “DC Universe: Rebirth” #1 last year; this marks the first time characters from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ “Watchmen” have interacted with DC Comics’ DC Universe characters. Alan Moore has long made his stance clear that he doesn’t endorse DC revisiting “Watchmen” in any form.

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According to DC’s official description of the storyline, “Two greatest detectives in the DC Universe unite to unravel the mystery behind a certain blood stained smiley face button stuck in the Batcave wall. However, what begins as a simple investigation soon turns deadly when the secrets of the button prove irresistible to an unwelcome third party — and it’s not who anyone suspects! This is a mystery woven throughout time, and the countdown starts here!”

“Batman” #21 is scheduled for release on April 19; “The Flash” #21 on April 26.

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